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Multi-purpose notepad.   Shareware ($25.00)
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NotePad Deluxe is a fast, powerful, multi-purpose notepad for Mac. Features include a page browser with extensive drag and drop, find with replace, local/global text formats, quick-find, labels, lock, built-in encryption (Blowfish), context menus, a useful tab ruler with real tabs, a floating database palette, spell checking through the Word Services system, and Web links.
What's New
Version 2.3.5 fixes some bugs and conflicts with OS X 10.4:
  • The size of the browser can now be changed again
  • Several print fixes
  • More robust bundles
  • Fixed crashes that could occur when activating the program
PPC, Mac OS X 10.2 or later

  • LittleSecrets

  • SOHO Notes

  • MacNote3LE
NotePad Deluxe X User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 2.x:
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MADSCI3NCE reviewed on 11 Jul 2011
I have been using NotePad Deluxe to keep track of my credit cards, bank accounts, email passwords, software licenses, etc. etc. for MANY years. It's simple and doesn't require that I fill in a bunch of fields that are often not relevant. It's flexible and reliable. It's also old ... REALLY old. The fact that it still works I use it on an almost daily basis is a testament to how well it was originally designed & coded. But seriously, we're talking 2005 since it's been updated old -- which means its a PowerPC app that depends on the Rosetta translation layer of the Mac OS in order to still function. Unfortunately Lion (OS 10.7) is about to roar onto the scene making Rosetta and all PowerPC apps a topic for the history books.
I say all this not simply to mourn the loss of a great piece of software but to share my discovery (after a VERY long search ... years, really because I knew this day was coming eventually) of an excellent replacement: LittleSecrets. I'm not sure how I was unable to find this little gem until now since the developer released it in 2001. And he still personally uses it each day so it has remained up-to-date. In fact he just released an update that ensures the app is Lion compatible!! I encourage anyone who finds themselves in the market for an Intel-native, password-protected notepad that feels like the mirror twin of NotePad Deluxe to try out LittleSecrets.
[Version 2.3.5]

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MuSonics replied on 18 Jan 2012
Your experience with NPD sounds exactly like mine. NPD was the greatest Mac Notepad ever developed, but it's no longer supported or updated. So, as you, I've been hunting for a replacement for years, and I'd guess I've tried 'em all.
I stumbled on MacNote3LE about a week ago, and after working with it for a few days and configuring preferences, I've managed to have MacNote "look and feel" and function very much like NPD.
It's at least worth a look.
(PS: I have no affiliation with or vested interest in MacNote. I'm just pleased to have found it.)

Nick Collingridge commented on 08 May 2010
I was a very happy NPD user for very many years, but its lack of an update finally caused me to migrate away, albeit with some regrets. It is a very elegantly executed product but there are two issues which mean I have stopped using it. Firstly lack of an Intel-native version, although it was always acceptably fast under emulation. But more importantly an issue that causes the screen to get corrupted when you use Find was the final straw.

I have now moved to SOHONotes which is very full-featured, modern, and stable (although there have been a couple of hiccups over the past year). When I had decided to move from NPD I spent quite a while looking at all the vast number of Notepad apps and my conclusion was the SOHONotes was by far the best of them all. Check it out if, like me, you are reluctantly moving away from NPD.
[Version 2.3.5]

Kit Griffin commented on 04 Apr 2006
There is no doubt about it, NotePad is a great product that many of us have been using for over 10 years... now, what's next - it's getting on for a year since the last update... would Please help?
[Version 2.3.5]


Anonymous reviewed on 22 Nov 2005
Its been about a year since I last shared my comments about NotePad Deluxe. Since that time I've used Devonthink Personal Edition and also LittleSecrets and guess what? I came back to NotePad Deluxe X (v2.3.5). I was wrong about NotePad Deluxe, its not old and outdated, but rather it's the Classic Notepad that just keeps getting better and better with each new release! And this was the NotePad that was an inspiration for all other NotePad developement to follow. I was using NotePad Delux back in the old days of OS-9 (even before there was a OS-10) and it worked great back then as it does so even now. The one thing I've discovered having dabbled with other Data Base NotePads is this, there is no perfect NotePad - they all have their own strengths and weaknesses! For me (having gone Full Circle) I've discovered that NotePad Deluxe X v2.3.5 covers most of the bases as far as needs and wants goes, and it is probably the best all around, all purpose Data Base NotePad that your going to find!
[Version 2.3.5]


Anonymous reviewed on 16 Dec 2004
I've used NotePad Delux for years and I always thought nothing could touch it (until today - 12/16/04). DEVONthink leaves NotePad Delux wasting away in the dark ages. If you want a vastly superior notepad that incorporates the same type of features as SPOTLIGHT (which is on the yet to be released OS 10.4 Tiger) then check this out. I will be converting over to DEVONthink, sorry NotePad Deluxe. - Russell
[Version 2.3.4]

Peterswain commented on 18 Nov 2003
I've been using this utility for about 4 years in both OS 9 and OS X. It does a good job for me. I'd be lost without it. It could be a touch snappier in use, though.
[Version 2.3.4]


Anonymous reviewed on 10 Nov 2003
I used to love this app - but that was before I discovered HogBay Notebook. HBN is fully OS X native, and uses the built-in RTF format for all its files, as well as the built-in TextEdit engine. This means that it received a tremendous speed boost with 10.3! Also, HBN has an amazing search engine which handles non-western text.

Don't get me wrong, NPD is a nice app, but I simply find HBN to be that much better.
[Version 2.3.4]


Anonymous reviewed on 01 Oct 2003
Used it for quite a while, through trials of lots of other "notepad" type software. Pretty much kicks hiney on all the rest.

Also discovered a nasty weakness! Copying a database to shared folder for access by another account turned it to an unreadable regular folder. In fact, most any copying or moving of a database can render it unuseable, unless the database is first put into some kind of archive which preserves it as a package.

Also, my registration will NOT work if i'm using any account but the one under which it was first installed!

Um... Gotta say the format setup dialog isn't exactly straight forward either.
[Version 2.3.3]


Anonymous reviewed on 17 Jun 2003
awesome product, been using for over 2 years. highly recommend.
[Version 2.3.3]


Anonymous reviewed on 26 May 2003
I am information manager freak - There is a single one out there I haven't used. This is by far the best one I have found. If they ever add scheduling and a way of grabbing text without having to cut and paste it into the app they will literally monopolize the market.Even without these two items I still give them a straight five.I use this app for a full house inventory, inventory of CD collection,recipes, videos and dvds, storage of important emails,house projects and more. The fact that I can put a digipicture into each entry in my house inventory made iit unnecessary to invest in a new app specifically designed for a house inventory.NPD rocks!
[Version 2.3.3]

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Version Downloads:4,314
Type:Utilities : Desktop
Date:22 May 2005
Platform:PPC 32 / OS X
Price: $25.00
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NotePad Deluxe is a fast, powerful, multi-purpose notepad for Mac. Features include a page browser with extensive drag and drop, find with replace, local/global text formats, quick-find, labels, lock, built-in encryption (Blowfish), context menus, a useful tab ruler with real tabs, a floating database palette, spell checking through the Word Services system, and Web links.

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