Compressor Server

0.9.6 14 Mar 2016

Automate workflow, shares, health monitor, and website for Apple's Compressor.


Developer website:

Compressor Server let you automate workflow, mount shares, monitor app health, and generate a monitor-website for Apple's Compressor.

  • Easily setup workflows based on a watch folder. Files placed within that watch folder are automatically sent to Compressor, transcoded, and placed in a given destination directory. For each workflow, you can select a unique Compressor setting, computer group, priority, etc.
  • A watch folder can also be on a share. Compressor Server can make sure that share is mounted. And if that share falls away Compressor Server will simply remount it.
  • Regularly check the health of Compressor. If it suspects that Compressor isn't running properly anymore, it will automatically reset or repair Compressor. You can also use the Health Monitor on your cluster Macs so that they always keep responding, making sure your job always gets submitted and transcoded.
  • Creates a website where you can easily monitor every file that's going through your workflows. You can see the status of files, and even their progress.
  • Fail over and load balancing. Use as many Compressor Servers as you like in your environment to make sure it remains stable.

What's New

Version 0.9.6:
  • Added progress bars in the website!
  • Files that failed are now much faster picked up
  • Added a Default Setup button to help new users set this up
  • There is now a Waiting status when the maximum number of jobs at once is reached
  • Spotted segments now also change the status to Processing
  • When a file has status Copying it is ignored in the registry check
  • Fixed a bug where the website could create empty table rows
  • Added help buttons for Shared and Health Monitor
  • Changed the interval so that the website is updated much more often


  • OS X 10.10 or later
  • Compressor 4.2.1 or later
  • Compressor and Compressor Server should be installed in /Applications/


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14 Mar 2016
Intel 64 / OS X