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Drop Drawers is a revolutionary user-interface enhancement which provides floating pull-out, snap-shut drawers on the sides of your screen to store text, URLs, aliases, pictures, sounds, movies and anything else.

Information in a drawer can be worked with. For example, styled text can be edited, applications and folders can be dragged onto, URLs can be opened and sounds and movies can be played.
What's New
Version 1.6.6:
  • updated for compatibility with the brand new version of OS X, including a fix for the problem with items dragged from the Finder.
PPC, Mac OS X 10.0 or later

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Drop Drawers X User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 1.x:
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Mac007 commented on 28 Nov 2011
Drop Drawers X is officially dead. This link explains how to transition to it's replacement DragThing.

[Version 1.6.6]


Jennyd reviewed on 23 Jun 2011
I have been using Drop Drawers for eons and *love* it. Until the last month or so, it has worked flawlessly. Then it started responding to most of my clicks as if they were Ctrl-clicks. This results in an annoying delay, and then a contextual menu popping up. I have not noticed a consistent, replicable pattern for this problem. I suspect that something else in the OS (Leopard 10.5.8) or another application may be the culprit. Is anyone else experiencing this?
[Version 1.6.6]

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Jennyd replied on 16 Feb 2012
The problem went away. No idea what changed. Now I've become so accustomed to typing the first few characters of item names to select them that I still do it even though I don't have to any more. It's faster and avoids my (all too frequent) clicks on the wrong item.

easer commented on 08 Feb 2008
I just bought a MacBook pro with Leopard, and I feared the worst. But it's working just as fine as ever for me. Ya, we'll never see another update. And while I own and use DragThing for some purposes, I preferred DropDrawers for launcher and some text pasting features. DD always worked faster for me and had some configuration options not available in DT. Glad I kept a copy.
[Version 1.6.6]



kobeguy reviewed on 14 Sep 2006
I'm a long time user and big fan of drop drawers, but sadly no update for intel. Performance really needs some tweaking. I would especially like to see improved updating/searching when there are changes in drawer contents. The auto search function never works - you have to update locations manually, which is a major pain. I can no longer recommend this application - save your money until the developer comes through with an update.
[Version 1.6.6]



HuevoX reviewed on 24 Jun 2006
I have used DD since OS 9. But now with my intel computer, DD is a slug. DragThing is what I use now because it is Universal Binary, and a real swift application. I may switch back to Drop Drawers when it is UB. But I'm not keeping my fingers crossed for this to happen. This developer has given no indication of his future plans.
[Version 1.6.6]

adamberkey commented on 13 Jun 2006
I am a recent "first time" Mac purchaser. (MB Pro 17") Before I actually got my unit, I was scouring the net for add-on programs that looked to be of great worth to me.

Drop Drawers qualified immediately.

Now, questions/commments:

The drawers do not carry over to the other desktops in Virtue Desktops. Why? Or How can I get them to?

And of course, the big wish item would be an option for the drawers to automatically close after I select an item from them.

I wish the authors had a discussion forum for their software. I would love to see a gallery of ways people are integrating Drop Drawers into their computing experience. Myself, I'm firstly using it to store all my applications for quick-launching, in their individual category drawers. I don't care for the Dock in OS X, and I've deleted all the icons out of it so I can use it to quickly access the programs that are in use.

Thanks for a great piece of software. I use Turbo Launch for Windows XP (http://www.savardsoftware.com/turbolaunch/), and I'd really like to see that for OS X, where access to the items is only one click away, not two.

The File Cabinet user interface is unique, but I'd rather have everything accessible in one spot of real estate, like Turbo Launch is designed. At least, having the option to make it so would be a HUGE plus!!!

-Adam H. Berkey
Kennewick, WA
[Version 1.6.6]



RoadTripDK reviewed on 25 May 2006
Great app. It has been a while since I used it last, but as soon as I took a look at it, I had to start using it again. I particularly the launcher drawers that you can create for all of those app that you can't or don't want on the Apple dock, but still want quick access to.

Two things would be nice for the future:

1) That a copy of a file dragged to a drawer is created instead of only an alias. Most people have plenty of HD space.

2) The possibility of setting the preferences of each drawer as to whether clicking an item once or twice launches the item. Launcher drawers should be automatically set to launch items with one click so they are treated similarly to the way the Dock treats apps.
[Version 1.6.6]


Anonymous reviewed on 27 Sep 2005
I need to add to the chorus of cheers. I've purchased DragThing, iClip, and CheckOff, and DropDrawers replaces the functionality of all three in one app. (Serves as a nice substitute for Stickies as well). I concede that these other programs are all robust in their own right, but I, too, prefer the simplicity and overall functionality of DropDrawers.

In particular, I like that I can create an edit text files, insert them into documents (I use right-click function), etc. The design has a simplicity and elegance that I like as well.

It's probably wrong of me to do this kind of comparison, but I want to compare DropDrawers to iClip for just a moment. iClip takes longer to load on my G4 Powerbook. When I need to insert text into a document, I'm limited to searching through a row of tiny text boxes that all look the same. With DropDrawers, I can put those text clippings into a drawer that's any size and configuration I like.

For instance, I'm a professor and grade a lot of speeches. I have to write many of the same comments. I had collected these in iClip, but with DropDrawers, I have one big drawer with all of these comments. It fills my entire screen. I can quickly search among all comments at once, right click and insert the comments into my grade sheet.

Anyway, as I said, these other programs do work fine and I don't mean to knock them. But DropDrawers has become my launcher, stickies, file storage, etc. all-purpose program. And yes, the devleoper is very fast and responsive.
[Version 1.6.6]


Anonymous reviewed on 09 Jul 2005
I've been using DD for years, and both the app and tech support are top notch.
[Version 1.6.6]


Anonymous reviewed on 11 May 2005
well, I'm dumbfounded at all the ppl complaining about the GUI. You've obviously not realized that you can drop a pic into the drawer's background and a pic into the handle as well. My drawer handles use the exact same texture as my desktop and the drawers use a variation. It's a beautiful app. that is infinitely customized. I've been a paid user for a long time and could not see how anyone could use a mac efficiently without this app. Keep up the good work and thanks for the update!

PS... it's never crashed on me, uses almost no cpu and I've honestly never had a single complaint.
[Version 1.6.6]

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Anonymous commented on 24 Aug 2005
An astounding number of people never customize anything [beyond the bare minimum, IF they manage to figure out that it is necesssary]-- that's why there's the perception that the UI is horrible.

DD isn't exactly sleek and pretty out of the box. You're right that the UI IS infinitely customizable. I think it is great, but I'm not your everyday average user.

A better-looking default UI would make it look less "OS 9" -- and much more modern and up-to-date-- on first launch.

Unfortunately, most DO judge books by their covers and first impressions are critical. That's life.
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Type:Utilities : Desktop
Date:10 May 2005
Platform:PPC 32 / OS X
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Drop Drawers is a revolutionary user-interface enhancement which provides floating pull-out, snap-shut drawers on the sides of your screen to store text, URLs, aliases, pictures, sounds, movies and anything else.

Information in a drawer can be worked with. For example, styled text can be edited, applications and folders can be dragged onto, URLs can be opened and sounds and movies can be played.

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