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05 August 2015

Intelligent post-capture analysis of CCTV video footage.


SmartMotion is video-analytics software that works in conjunction with any video security (CCTV) software, analysing captured footage to find events. SmartMotion's intelligent search routines quickly find events of interest, saving potentially thousands of dollars per year in terms of man-hours spent reviewing captured footage. Designed for office buildings, retail locations, police departments, city investigators, airports, hospitals, banks--anywhere that generates significant amounts of video footage that will need post-capture analysis after an event has taken place. Rather than spend valuable time reviewing hours of captured footage, get SmartMotion to do it in minutes.

  • Blazingly fast: processes video at up to 1000 fps
  • Typically 1 hour of video can be analysed in 1 minute
  • Works with all major video encoding formats
  • Batch process hundreds of files at once
  • Multi-threaded to take advantage of multiple CPU cores
  • Advanced settings to fine-tune detection
  • Save potentially hundreds of man-hours and thousands of dollars yearly
  • Runs natively on Windows, OS X, and Linux operating systems

What's new in SmartMotion

Version 1.0:

Note: Although Finder indicates no version number for this application, the developer refers to it as version 1.0.

  • Initial release

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