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Disk Cartography


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Disk Cartography1.4.4506

04 April 2017

Disk space analyzer and mapper.


Disk Cartography scans and analyzes your disks and folders for real space hogs. It's more than just a disk cleaning tool - Disk Cartography is a professional Mac data mapping app built with elegant simplicity.

Disk Cartography is a powerful disk explorer that adds much-needed folder structure visualization to the familiar tree-like representation of your data. It's just a matter of time before your hard drive or cloud storage folder gets close to its capacity. Disk Cartography quickly builds a visual data map to show you which apps, movies, photo collections, and music archives are taking up your precious disk space.

  • Quickly build visual maps of disk, folder and sub-folder sizes
  • Maps any type of disk (hard drive, memory card, USB flash drive, etc.) that you can view on your Mac
  • 3 display modes: by Disk Space, Percent or File Count
  • Color-coded folder names help to quickly identify the largest folders
  • Visualize the contents of a single folder or an entire drive
  • Real-time scanning results
  • Automatic and manual filters to sort by file/folder type, size, or name
  • Easy file and folder removal
  • Save and load last scanning session
  • Extremely high scanning speed
  • Scan network drives
  • Retina ready

What's new in Disk Cartography

Version 1.4.4506:
  • Customize file clean-up method - move to Trash or another location (or delete permanently)
  • Exact file location shown in hints on hover
  • Show file modification dates and sort by them (Top bar -> Window menu)
  • Hide "Filtered objects" to improve cross-folder removal of files by type
  • Greatly improved scanning speed
  • Improved selection when viewing scanning results by file type
  • Multiple improvements in scanning results filters
  • Improved clean-up of mounted network folders
  • Improved verification of the destination drives when the removal method is customized to move files to another location
  • Improved behavior of "Show in Finder"
  • Proper handling of Trash folders
  • Incorrect total size of filtered files
  • Other minor fixes

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13 March 2018
Version: 1.4.4506

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05 April 2018
Version: 1.4.4506
Great app, nice look, does what it says and does it well.
13 March 2018
Version: 1.4.4506
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