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12 March 2015

All-in-One solution for preparing DJ sets, performing live and creating mixes.


One DJ is the first All-in-One solution for preparing DJ sets, performing live and creating mixes. Modular User Interface and flexible Audio Routing make it easy to adjust One DJ to work the way You Do.

For the first time amongst DJ software One DJ allows total customization of your working environment. Choose the gear you need and arrange it exactly the way you like. Everything you see on screen can be freely moved and resized. Unlimited number of different layouts can be saved and loaded instantly from a simple drop down menu.

Managing You Gear
Choose the gear you need from the gear manager. There is no limitations on the quantity. Adding or removing players, launchpads, effect racks, mixers and browsers is always just a mouse click away.

Creating Custom Layouts
All of the on screen elements can be freely arranged and resized on to suit your needs. Custom layouts can be saved and renamed. Swapping between layouts is a breeze.

To Fullscreen & Back
Players, effect racks, browsers and other windows can be toggled to fullscreen mode and back with just one button. This allows precise adjustments in players and timelines, larger view on your folders and track collections and of course pure eye candy for your enjoyment.

Hide Function
It is possible to hide gear that is in use but not needed to be to seen on screen. If you are for example using a Midi controller to control your mixer then you don't necessarily need to see this gear on screen.
Now you can just press "hide" from the gear manager to prevent gear from taking precious screen space.

Micro Level Settings
All the settings are set and saved inside individual gear elements. You can say goodbye to massive & complex settings panels and do things on a micro level.

Something Old, Something New
Player decks add visual sweetness and fresh ideas to the familiar DJ players' features. Choose the colours, size and orientation to fit your needs, One DJ's decks are what you make of them.

Unlimited Decks
Unlimited amount of Player decks give you a full control over the tracks you are playing. You can loop, cue or change the pitch of track like you would with any professional DJ player.
The state of the art scratch algorithm functions with minimal latency to enable original vinyl feel and sound. The reliable audio engine offers top of the range studio sound quality with support for all major audio formats.

Visual Mixing
Three different waveform modes to choose from all color coding to better identify individual parts of the audio based on frequency ( e.g. bass, snare, vocals). All waveforms go down to sample level which helps when tweaking mixes to perfection on the timeline. Waveform modes can be selected individually for each deck and set separately for Timeline Overview and Track waveform. The color saturation can be adjusted with a slider to optimize the look.
There is an unlimited zoom so you can get really up and close with your waveforms.

Advanced Sync
The accurate BPM detection will count the bpm of a track and enable syncing of two tracks by push of a button. All the loops, effects and transitions can also be synced to the bpm of a track. The beat grids can be very intuitively edited in Timeline Edit Mode.

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Version 1.7: Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.
  • Note: Although Finder indicates 1.0 for this application, the developer refers to it as version 1.7.

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