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Quick Pallet Maker3.4

19 January 2005

Calculates the optimal box/pallet shipping dimensions.


Most products are shipped in boxes and then in standard pallets. Most of the time, these standard pallets are shipped within standard containers or in trucks. Frequently, there is some extra volume and/or weight in the containers or in the trucks that is billed anyway by the carrier but that is not used by the client. The use of this extra space through software tools should be an important factor for all manufacturers.

Based on this need, at SCA Mecanica we have created Quick Pallet Maker, an easy to learn pallet loading/package design program that allows the user to calculate the optimal secondary package dimensions and pallet arrangements, thus reducing shipping costs.

What's new in Quick Pallet Maker

Version 3.4:
  • [All] NF: Completely new 3D Layer Editor. Saved boxes can now be added to the pallet, rotated in three dimensions, viewed from different angles, dragged with the mouse and pretty much configured in any logical way. Only need to edit one layer and all the rest will update at the push of a button.
  • [All] AF: Report files can now be opened without opening a new document window.
  • [All] BF: Fixed crash that occurred when copying the pallet results to paste on MS Excel.
  • [All] BF: Primary package drawing in the second tab of the Detailed Report would display the default colors instead of the saved colors from the pack.
  • [All] BF: Program would not recalculate when going back from using multiple packages unless the multiple package window was reused.
  • [All] AF: Box bulge (i.e. predetermined slack) can now be added through a separate window and independently of the box sides.
  • [All] BF: Program would display incorrect units in the container fill window when changing to non-default units.
  • [All] BF: Bird-eye's pallet view would not center the boxes with overhang correctly.
  • [All] BF: Pallet weight would not import correctly in the input window when working with different dimensions.
  • [All] BF: Application would crash when loading multiple pallet solutions and a different XML file was included among those solutions.
  • [All] BF: Standard cases and pallets window would duplicate twice the amount of cases and pallets than selected.
  • [All] BF: When duplicating a standard pallet, the unit could not be changed.
  • [All] BF: The report window would show a blue box in the third and fourth tab when an uncovered box had been selected in the first panel.

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