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14 March 2015

Task-management tools designed for teamwork.


FrontLog is a task management tool designed for teamwork. It helps the team to manage tasks and get synced with logbooks. It focus on enhancing the productivity and communication through the team.

  • Tasks. Support tags and star flag to organize tasks. Divide into subtasks to conquer them separately. Support workflow to assign, resolve, verify, reject, close and re-open easily. Support notes and communication with comments and attachments.
  • Boards. Board contains a list of ordered tasks. You can use a board for a special event, a meeting, a scrum or just a list of tasks you want to discuss with your teammate. It's an elegant way to collect tasks and keep every board attendees in the same page.
  • Inbox. Inbox is where you collect tasks and get connect with the team. Tasks, boards and any thing requiring your attention go into Inbox. You can always archive them to keep a clean inbox.
  • Activities. It's a timeline for everything happen recently. Always have a sense of the big picture and keep updated with the team.
  • Sync. Powered by cloud technology, everything in logbooks get synced to FrontLog across iPhone, iPad and Mac of team members instantly. Team are always in the same state as soon as possible.
  • Offline mode. Don't have network access? No problem. Work in the offline mode and get synced whenever network is available.
  • Security. All data are transferred in SSL encryption. Teams and projects are organized in logbooks. Three kinds of logbook plans are provided for your convenience.
  • Free logbooks are best for small teams up-to 3 members and have 300M sync-able storage for attachment files in total.
  • Standard Plan. Share among up to 10 team members with 5G bytes storage for each logbook.
  • Pro Plan. Share among up to 20 team members with 20G bytes storage for each logbook. You can upgrade free logbooks to Standard Plan or Pro Plan via in-app purchase. They are per logbook plans, which are for logbooks instead of accounts. So, team members can share the upgraded logbooks without extra charge. We provide first month FREE option for Standard or Pro plan for each logbook.

What's new in FrontLog

Version 2.0.2:
  • Fixed a bug in mentions

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