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Time Travel

05 October 2014

Convert world time, view illuminated world map, save notes for cities.


Time Travel is a one-of-a-kind time converter, a beautiful illuminated world map, and a place to store notes about your important cities. Time Travel is especially handy for scheduling times with remote contacts. For example, you'll find it indispensable to quickly find a time that is early morning weekday hours in Sydney AND that doesn't fall on a weekend in your city.
  • Convert time without the need to laboriously enter hours, minutes, or days: simply scroll up and down to move time.
  • Visualize time difference between cities.
  • Annotate each city with notes to keep track of your contacts, itineraries, or other plans.
  • Choose from 160 cities worldwide (and 14,000+ more are available via an in-app upgrade!)
  • See all of your cities at a glance on a beautiful map. And it's ready to customize: drag to reposition, resize to make important cities bigger, or go full-screen.
  • Watch the sun move: areas with daylight are illuminated on a map using astronomical data.
  • Keyboard shortcuts are included in the time converter to help you be more productive. A full reference is available within the app. And of course, Time Travel comes with a pixel-perfect, handcrafted design that will shine on your Mac.
This app has been created with power users in mind. Built-in features can be upgraded instantly via in-app-purchases to add the following features:
  • 14,000+ more additional cities
  • Much longer notes, and the ability to rename any city -- for example, you can rename New York to "NYC" or to "Corporate HQ."
  • Instantly convert time between more than two cities -- for example, if you're frequently scheduling with multiple world-wide contacts. Also, copy the currently selected time to Clipboard.
  • "Pin" the app's windows to appear "on top" if you'd like to keep time always on the screen.

What's new in Time Travel

Version 1.0.1:
  • New timeline view shows the city's time related to other cities
  • Easier to interact with the map: now click on the cities instead of double-clicking or right-clicking
  • Retina display optimizations
  • UTC time zone can now be added after in-app-purchase
  • Other bug fixes or enhancements

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