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Quick4D Pro2.1.1

29 January 2002

Access and update 4D databases remotely.


Quick4D Por is a powerful and easy way to access and update a database made with 4th Dimension in server mode.

With Quick4D Pro every user can update each field of each table with its own password. Quick4D respect all the input controls and the fields properties defined in the design mode of 4th Dimension.

Input mode is based on a form layout showing all accessible fields ordered like the original table. Functionalities like search, create, delete, extract and sequence are activated depending the context and the user rights. Quick4D lets users update databases where input forms are not defined.

What's new in Quick4D Pro

Version 2.1.1 adds the following:
  • Possibility de browse a database in "off-line" mode. Useful for portable computers
  • Preferences dialog as been splitted
  • Added the auto-open property for text fields

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