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Cell Tally

02 October 2014

Visual cell counter for use with microscopy images and more.


Cell Tally is a microscopy image cell counter: click, count, analyse. Cell Tally is a fully featured, easy to use, manual cell counter for use with microscopy images and more. It completely streamlines the process of manual cell counting into one application, and greatly surpasses the limited alternative options. Manual cell counting is the most accurate approach when high-confidence results matter. If specific automated counting algorithms don't exist (or cannot be trusted), you've run an algorithm but wish to visually assess it, or you simply need to count manually - meriting the nature of your project, Cell Tally is the best approach. Created for academic and private sector work, Cell Tally provides a full suite of features:
  • Click cells to draw sequentially numbered markers belonging to user created categories, where name, shape and colour can be defined.
  • Markers and categories are unlimited and fully editable. Delete, go to, rename, and more.
  • Save your work and come back to it later, or share it between computers. Export your data, or your annotated images.
  • Annotate your work with notes and divider bars, use the measurement tool and ruler bars to cordon off sections for analysis.
  • User friendly: an intuitive interface controllable by mouse or keyboard allows you to work efficiently. A navigator window helps you track your position, and allows you to jump to anywhere with a click.
  • Optimized to support large resolution images (28000x7000 and greater) common to microscopy. Your computer's hardware is the limit. Cell Tally is the only stand-alone software dedicated to manual cell counting. Replace or avoid old, slow, multi-step techniques or bare-bone plugins. Increase your productivity, reduce time and stress spent counting, and generate the results you need.

What's new in Cell Tally

Version 1.0.2:
  • Optimised project load and save times
  • Improved window handling
  • Minor bug fixes

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