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02 November 2019

Powerful clipboard menulet for copy and paste.


Copy'em Paste is a simple-yet-powerful clipboard tool for speeding up your daily copy-and-paste workflow. It automatically keeps your copied text, images, links, screenshots, etc., and lets you recall/paste them anytime, right at your fingertips. Use it to copy items consecutively and then paste them (without the usual, back-and-forward copy/paste round trips), store favorite clippings permanently, take screenshots without clogging up your desktop, collect data for research, expedite pasting of clippings, transform pasted text, organize clippings into lists, and so on. All done with amazing speed, making it a time-saving, highly valuable productivity tool!

  • Automatically remembers the things copied by regular copy/cut commands
  • Can store unlimited number of clippings
  • Accepts text, images, links, HTML, code, PDFs, files, and clippings of proprietary formats
  • Instant access to clippings via menubar or customizable Command-Shift-V
  • Can paste clippings via drag-and-drop into target applications
  • Can be configured to paste into VNC, NoMachine, Parallels, etc.
  • Batch pasting of multiple snippets
  • Can paste clippings with local shortcuts ('0' to '9' and 'a' to 'z')
  • Can paste clippings with unlimited number of global shortcuts
  • Plain-text mode option to paste any rich text as plain text, and option to paste rich text when plain-text mode is on
  • Text transformation options (capitalization, line-unwrapping, stripping whitespace, adding prefixes/suffixes, etc.)
  • Unlimited number of lists for you to organize your favorite clippings
  • Auto-star mode where newly arrived clippings are automatically put into the current starred list
  • Fast switching between lists via app-local shortcuts (such as Command-1, Command-2, etc.)
  • Use swiping or Command-[ and Command-] shortcuts to navigate backward and forward between lists
  • Sort clippings by creation dates, most-recently-used dates, and paste frequency, etc.
  • Rearrange clippings in starred lists via drag-and-drop
  • Find clippings by search, content-type filtering, and application-name filtering
  • Fast searching, with search-as-you-type, and options to auto-focus and auto-clear the search field
  • Option to manually edit text clippings
  • Option to assign names to clippings or edit them
  • Open clippings window next to current mouse location (in order to minimize mouse movement)
  • Option to keep the window open after each paste operation; by default, the window automatically closes after use
  • Capture screenshots (full screen, windows, selected areas, etc.) as clippings
  • Blacklist applications, so clippings from them won't be saved
  • Stop (or resume) collecting new clippings
  • Can delete selected clippings, selected sets, or entire lists
  • Change the theme, with option to show text clippings in original colors or grayscale
  • Automatically switch theme according to the OS X theme setting

Note: This application contains in-app and/or external module purchases.

What's new in Copyem Paste

Version 2.8.1:
  • Reverted the default setting of 'Paste Images as Files' back to OFF. (When it is on, it can conflict with the copy/paste operations in some MS Office apps such as Excel)

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01 January 2015

Most helpful

PTHPaseboard Pro for YEARS has been THE BEST Clipboard Manager ever. But as of OS X 10.9, it has been showing rough edges and incompatibilities. For example, the translate to Spanish filter stopped working. It was last updated August 2012.

Currently, the developer took down his website and offers no further support citing incompatibilities with OS X 10.10. Only the old version can be downloaded from the site. And no support is offered

My current replacement for PTHPasteboard: Copy'em Paste. It is available in the Mac App Store for $4.99.


It does things similarly to PTHPasteboard - though with fewer features, but some improvements and it is cleaner.. You will feel right at home with how it works compared to PTHPasteboard. AND IT IS A STEAL at $4.99 FOR USE ON ALL YOUR MACS - unlike PTHPasteboard. And it is compatible with OS X 10.10 Yosemite. It only supports 64-bit CPUs, so no old code.

I love now Copy'em Paste allows you to set a key-combination to paste Rich-Text as Plain-Text.

If the developer continues to improve on Copy'em Paste, it can turn out exactly like PTHPasteboard.

Both PTH and Copy'em Paste are similar. This is why I strongly recommend Copy'emPaste as a PTH replacement.

You primarily object to Copy'Em Paste missing a slide down list of items. But I prefer a popup window of items for my work.

I'll ask the developer if he can make it a slide down menu as well. Just contact the developer to ask for features. He's actively developing it - unlike a lot of clipboard managers including PTH - which unfortunately for the moment is totally dead.

1. Both PTH and Copy'em Paste have pop up windows of the copied items listed in numerical order.

2. On PTH, I set F5 to pop up the PTH Window. On Copy'em Paste, I set F5 to pop up the Copy'em Paste Window.

3. On both PTH and Copy'Em Paste, I can pup up the PTH Window by clicking on its menubar icon. On Copy'em Paste, I can do the same thing.

4. Both PTH and Copy'Em Paste have pop up windows that show you a list of the items it has stored on the clipboard

5. Both PTH and Copy'Em Paste allow you to keep the copied items between restarts of your Mac

6. Both PTH and Copy'Em Paste allow you to convert and past test as PlainText.

7. Both PTH and Copy'Em Paste allow you to copy images and show a preview

8. Both PTH and Copy'Em Paste allow you to customize the key-combination that invokes the pop-up window. Copy'Em Paste does PTH better by allowing you to convert to PlainText and paste with a single key-combinatiohn.

9. Both PTH and Copy'Em Paste do a lot of text transformations on text stored in the clipboard, accessed by right-clicking the menubar icon:
1. Turn to plain text
2. Make upper case
3. Make lower case
4. Capitalize words
5. Strip white space
6. Trim surrounding white space

PTH does one better: it can take the text, run it through Google Translate, and transform it to the language of your choice.

Copy'Em Paste is NOT as full-featured like PTH. But it does all the basics of what I want from a clipboard manager that is similar enough to PTH that I don't miss much of what PTH does.

The $4.99 PRICE of Copy'Em Paste makes it cheap enough for everyone to give it a try. It is a NO-BRAINER.

And as the developer improves Copy'Em Paste I believe it will get even more attractive and useful.

Since it is available in the Mac App Store, purchasing it allows you to use it ON ALL YOUR MACS - unlike PTH.


IPASTEBOARD: iPasteboard is bad software. What are you talking about? It has bad ratings on MacUpdate. And IT HASN'T BEEN UPDATED IN TEN YEARS (not since June 10, 2004). It costs $15. It is NOT compatible with current versions of OS X.

ICLIP: I bought it. I hated it.

CLIPMENU: OK. But not customizable. Not in release form - version 0.4.3 STABLE VERSION not updated since 11/17/2009 - FIVE YEARS. There is a 1.0alpha version but it is unstable. AT least it is free. Go to the developer's site to download the alpha version he has rewritten. It is very primitive compared to Copy'Em Paste.

ICLIPBOARD: don't like it. I want a PTH replacement, not a new paradigm. AND IT COSTS $30.

FLYCUT: Not like PTH. Not updated since 3/3/2012 - TWO YEARS.

COPYPASTE PRO: Good but NOT PTH in interface. Bought it years ago. Did not like it.

LAUNCHBAR: good but not PTH interface - you only get a list of items when you invoke the abbreviation for the clipboard saver.

ALFRED: tried it. Don't like it. I prefer Launchbar for its other functions.
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Version 1.3.0
26 October 2019
this looks like a nice replacement for Clipy, but at 15 bucks it needs a trial version - been let down too many times by apps that sound great but I don't end up using.
Version 2.8.0
15 January 2019
Pastebot is great. Copyem Paste is even better. I like the sequential paste in Pastebot. But, Copyem Paste is better over all.
Version 2.6.1
14 January 2019
Reading all the reviews I decided to jump onto the bandwagon, on paper it looks very similar to my fave (but left to wither away) "Clipboard Center". And it is, but better even! Hope this dev does not let us down too soon.. This is way better than CopyPaste Pro (the once upon time leader), way way way better than gimmicky Paste. And I won't mention any others but I've tried many many over the years.
Version 2.6.1
14 September 2018
This is the best clipboard manager!! I've tried or used most. They are very important in my work. This has fantastic features and great layout, highly recommend. And the dev is extremely responsive. I wrote to him about a problem in OS X 10.12.6 Sierra and the NEXT DAY he posted the fix on the App Store! I never give 5-star reviews, but just had to for this!
Version 2.6.1
19 August 2018
I've probably tried all of the clipboards available over the past 10 years or so, and this is my current favorite. It lacks a feature I'd find useful, though: to talk to IOS.
Version 2.5.7
30 May 2018
Looking for a new clipboard manager at the moment. I hear good things about Paste and Copyem Paste, but wanting to compare and get something that works via keyboard shortcuts (not a purely visual interface) and light-weight. Has anyone tried both Paste and Copyem Paste?
Version 2.5.7
15 April 2018
This app is really well designed. It is very easy to paste not only the last item but also prior items. Also, Copy Paste stopped working properly for me this week and I contacted the author. He responded immediately and provided numerous suggestions, walking me through the problem with a series of back and forth emails. The tech support is excellent.
Version 2.5.2
16 March 2018
The Copy'em Paste helper version is 2.2.2 (not 2.2.1)
Version 2.5.1
1 answer(s)
25 March 2018
Is it truly important?
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16 March 2018
the 2.5.1 is an excellent update but it should say that it is in fact a PAID UPDATE for the import-export features
Version 2.5.1
14 March 2018
Love this app. New v2.5 added an IAP for (1) saving all or some clippings to disk, and (2) syncing across Macs. Not for me, so I'm not buying the IAP... but if they come up with a solid iOS multiclipboard and offer cross-platform sync I'm there!
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Version 2.5.0