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TechTool Pro Updater


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TechTool Pro Updater

21 December 2002

Update 3.0.1+ to 3.0.9.


EXCLUSIVE! TechTool Pro allows users to test their computers like a professional, without the need for years of experience or a computer degree. The user can repair many Mac problems, verify system configurations, optimize performance of their media, check the integrity of crucial System software and enablers, make sure that the machine is running its fastest, and reveal the hidden culprits that cause the computer to slow, freeze or crash.

What's new in TechTool Pro Updater

Version 3.0.9 adds the following:
  • Adds more conflicts to the Conflict Database file.
  • Adds support for Mac OS 9.2.2 System File testing for Fall 2002 machines.
  • Global updates for machines released in Fall 2002.
  • Fixes a variety of minor operational and cosmetic bugs.

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