ownCloud Client

2.4.0 29 Dec 2017

Online synchronization tool with Finder integration.


Developer website: ownCloud

The ownCloud Client is a desktop program you install on your computer. Specify one or more directories on the local machine to sync your ownCloud server, and always have your latest files wherever you are. Make a change to the files on one computer, it will flow across the others using these desktop sync clients.

What's New

Version 2.4.0:
  • OAuth2 authentication support by opening external browser (#5668)
  • Shibboleth: Change to use OAuth2 if supported (#6198)
  • Sharing: Add support for multiple public link shares (#5655)
  • Sharing: Add option to copy/email private links (#5023, #5627)
  • Sharing: Add option "show file listing" (#5837)
  • Sharing: Show warning that links are public (#5747)
  • Sharing: Sharing dialog redesign: multiple share links support (#5695)
  • Sharing: Make "can edit" partially checked sometimes (#5642)
  • Sharing: Trigger a sync for folder affected by a change of sharing (#6098)
  • Wizard: Never propose an existing folder for syncing (#5597)
  • Wizard: Don't show last page anymore, go to settings directly (#5726)
  • Wizard: Handle url-shortener redirects (#5954)
  • Wizard: Resolve url/ redirects only if url/status.php not found (#5954)
  • Wizard: Add explanation text when server error is shown (#6157)
  • Wizard: Update the window size on high dpi screen (#6156)
  • Wizard: Don't report confusing error message (#6116)
  • Gui: Display the user server avatar (#5482)
  • Gui: Use display name of user, not internal name
  • Server URL: Update configuration in case of permanent redirection (#5972)
  • Gui: Allow to add multiple sync folder connection of the same folder (#6032)
  • Tray Menu: More detailed status messages
  • Tray Menu: Shibboleth: raise the browser when clicking on the tray (#6105)
  • Activity: Link errors from the account tab, allow filtering by account/folder (#5861)
  • Activity: Present conflicts more prominently (#5894)
  • Activity: Allow sorting the columns in issues and protocol tabs (#6093, #6086)
  • Selective Sync: Open sub folder context menu (#5596)
  • Selective Sync: Skip excluded folders when reading db (#5772)
  • Selective Sync: Remove local files of unselected folder despite other modified files (#5783)
  • Excludes: Remove .htaccess form list of excluded files (#5701)
  • Excludes: Hardcode desktop.ini
  • Excludes: Allow escaping "#" (#6012)
  • Excludes: Use faster matching via QRegularExpression (#6063)
  • Discovery: Increase the MAX_DEPTH and show deep folders as ignored (#1067)
  • Discovery: General speed improvements
  • Downloads: Remove empty temporary if disk space full (#5746)
  • Downloads: Read Content-MD5 header for object store setups
  • Checksums: Add global disable environment variable (#5017)
  • Quota: PropagateUpload: Model of remote quota, avoid some uploads (#5537)
  • Create favorite also in folder wizard (#455)
  • Windows: Use the application icon for the Windows 8 sidebar favorite (#2446, #5690)
  • macOS: Finder sidebar icon (#296)
  • Overlay Icons: Consider also the "shared by me" as shared (#4788)
  • Overlay Icons: Update right after sharing (#6115)
  • Overlay Icons: Fix different case paths not matching (#5257)
  • Overlay Icons: Detect changes in the shared flag (#6098)
  • Windows Overlay Icons: Potential hang fixes
  • Linux Overlay Icons: fix branded nemo and caja shell integration (#5966)
  • Credentials: Fix behavior for bad password (#5989)
  • Credentials: Don't create empty client cert keychain entries (#5752)
  • Credentials: Namespace windows cred keys (#6125)
  • Credentials: Use per-account keychain entries (#5830, #6126)
  • AccountSettings: Triggering log in re-ask about previously rejected certificates (#5819)
  • owncloudcmd: Added bandwidth limit parameter (#5707)
  • owncloudcmd: Fix timestamps, Fix --logdebug
  • AccountSettings: Sync with clean discovery on Ctrl-F6 (#5666)
  • Sync: Dynamic sizing of chunks in chunked uploads for improved big file upload performance (#5852)
  • Sync: Introduce overall errors that are not tied to a file (#5746)
  • Sync: Better messaging for 507 Insufficient Storage (#5537)
  • Sync: Create conflicts by comparing the hash of files with identical mtime/size (#5589)
  • Sync: Avoid downloads by comparing the hash of files with identical mtime/size (#6153)
  • Sync: Upload conflict files if OWNCLOUD_UPLOAD_CONFLICT_FILES environment variable is set (#6038)
  • Sync: Blacklist: Don't let errors become warnings (#5516)
  • Sync: Check etag again after active sync (#4116)
  • Sync: Rename handling fixes: duplicate file ids (#6096, #6212)
  • Sync: Rename handling fixes: File size must be equal
  • Sync: Rename handling: Fix duplicate files on abort/resume sync (#5949)
  • Sync: Add capability for invalid filename regexes (#6092)
  • SyncJournalDB: Fall back to DELETE journal mode if WAL mode does not seem to work (#5723)
  • SyncJournalDB: Don't crash if the db file is readonly (#6050)
  • SyncJournalDB: DB close error is not fatal
  • Fix at least one memory leak
  • Documentation improvements
  • Logging improvements (With Qt logging categories) (#5671)
  • Logging filtering per account (#5672)
  • Crash fixes
  • Test improvements
  • Small UI layout fixes
  • Performance improvements
  • Maintenance Mode: Detect maintenance mode (#4485)
  • Maintenance Mode: Add a 1 to 5 min reconnection delay (#5872)
  • HTTP: Send a unique X-Request-ID with each request (#5853)
  • HTTP: Support HTTP2 when built and running with Qt 5.9.x (Official packages still on Qt 5.6.x) (#5659)
  • owncloudcmd: Don't start if connection or auth fails (#5692)
  • csync: Switch build from C to C++ (#6033)
  • csync: Refactor a lot to use common data structures to save memory and memory copying
  • csync: Switch some data structures to Qt data structures
  • csync: Switch to using upper layer SyncJournalDB (#6087)
  • Switch 3rdparty/json usage to Qt5's QJson (#5710)
  • OpenSSL: Don't require directly, only via Qt (#5833)
  • Remove iconv dependency, use Qt for file system locale encoding/decoding (emoji filename support on macOS) (#5875)
  • Compilation: Remove Qt 4 code (#6025, #5702, #5505)
  • Harmonize source code style with clang-format (#5732)
  • Switch over to Qt 5 function pointer signal/slot syntax (#6041)
  • Compile with stack-smashing protection
  • Updater: Rudimentary support for beta channel (#6048)


  • OS X 10.7 or later


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29 Dec 2017
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