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15 March 2014

Quantify fluctuations in biochemical networks.


IntrinsicNoiseAnalyzer is an analytic tool for quantifying fluctuations in biochemical networks. In living cells, such fluctuations are known as intrinsic noise arising from low numbers of molecules. The software computes the Linear Noise Approximation and more accurate approximations obtained from the system size expansion automatically from a SBML file. As a result statistical measures such as coefficients of variations and Fano factors as well as means and standard deviations of concentrations are obtained. Analyses are performed in steady state, in time-course or as a parameter scan and can be compared directly to the stochastic simulation algorithm. iNA is licensed under GNU GPL v2 and is free of charge.

What's new in IntrinsicNoiseAnalyzer

Version 0.4.3:
  • Added user warning about unsaved and modified models.
  • Avoided unneeded collapsing of complete tree
  • Enabled MAT-file export for all analysis results
  • Enhanced syntax error reporting for SBMLsh
  • Made task tree-item visible on auto-show
  • Compatibility with Eigen 3.2.0
  • Dead code clean up
  • Fix: Giant memory leak in SSA paramater scan
  • Fix: Partial rewrite of the reaction editor fixing an uncaught exception and an error due undefined species or compartments in user defined propensity
  • Fix: Handle "Close all models" entry in "File" menu
  • Fix: Expression editors to handle undefined variables properly
  • Fix: Specification reaction modifiers on SBML export.
  • Fix: Weird crash under MacOS X when exporting SBML
  • Fix: SSA time-course analysis ignoring thread count
  • Fix: Check for invalid ids
  • Fix: Catch unhandled exceptions in Expand/Collapse Reversible Reactions
  • Fix: Restore model if expansion/collapse of reversible reactions fails
  • Fix: Handling of unit identifiers
  • Fix: Export units of parameters
  • Fix: Failure of conservation analysis on models w/o conserved cycles.

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