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Origin Designer1.0

14 March 2014

Easily create app origins.


Origin Designer helps you create beautiful app origins with no drawing skill needed.


  • Retina display enhanced Canvas
  • Supports all iOS device resolutions and most device frames
  • All controls have same attributes: position, 4 states images, image opacity, text, background color, jumping action
  • Easy operation for controls: moving, scaling, rotating, smart alignment
  • Build your own library with any kind of images
  • Customize your controls for reuse
  • Preview different states of controls
  • Auto generated relational graph for all pages
  • Preview pages and controls immediately
  • Page image exporting: png & jpg supported
  • Relation graph exporting, png supported
  • Run your origin without any coding job
  • Transmit your origin work to devices and run on it is recommended (Origin Designer Live client needed)

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