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30 December 2013

Massive multiplayer game for 3 to 100 players on one screen.


NanoRunners brings you big play on big screens: flatscreens, projection screens, or movie screens. All you need a browser on any mobile device (iPhone, Android, iPad, or laptop) and you can join. The gamemechanic is simple but effective: just climb on top of the building and kick the other players down. You win when you reach 100 points. You get points for getting up (5 pts), kicking someone down (4 its), or, if you fall off, for taking someone with you (1 pt, up to a max 20 of these points). There are always around 5% King Kongs up there! Overthrow them! Become king yourself!

What's new in NanoRunners

Version 1.0:

Note: 4.2.1f4 is the version number reported in Finder; it is a reflection of the app's Unity Player runtime version. The developer refers to this version of the app as 1.0.

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