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Lightfield Iris

17 August 2014

Easily modify Lytro light field pictures.


Lightfield Iris easily lets you modify lightfield pictures shot with a Lytro camera . The brand new software is an expansion of Lytro Desktop. It allows you to use the same Lytro features such as refocus, all-in-focus, and perspective shift--but it brings more to the table. In addition, Lightfield Iris includes easy-to-handle post-capture image controls. Creating your own preset filters and applying them is one click away. Also Lightfield Iris features user-friendly image sharing. And last but not least, a printing option is included. Lightfield Iris was created by Vertical Horizon, an independent Belgium-based startup company. Now available in the Mac App Store.

Post-Capture Image Control... Lightfield Iris is the one software you can adjust your 3D pictures manually with by controlling brightness, saturation, contrast, unsharp mask, luminance, noise reduction, exposure. Create your own preset filters to apply adjustments to your pictures in one click. Lightfield Iris also adds new indispensable features as straighten picture. Refocus and use perspective shift as you are used to with Lytro Desktop.

Artwork... Lightfield Iris allows you to be creative with each refocused image. Add different kinds of picture frames. Insert text choosing character, font and color. Be playful with artwork such as arrows, lines, markup balloons, etc. Choose your type of lay-out and apply it to any image or movie.

Sharing... Lightfield Iris features user-friendly image sharing for 2D images such as copy to clipboard, sharing with Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and other social media, drag and drop. You can share 3D images with the Lytro site.

Export... Lightfield Iris also includes exclusive exporting features such as animated GIF and movie. Both GIF as movie use animation through a sequence of refocused images. With both features you can choose to share directly from your Mac, without making a detour to the Lytro site. This also applies on HTML export. Lightfield Iris supports independent HTML 5 export, maintaining the refocus feature.

Vertical Horizon... With Lightfield Iris we are proud to present easy to handle software that creates unique modifications for lightfield pictures. Lightfield Iris is an expansion of Lytro software but is in no way connected to Lytro. Vertical Horizon has a passion for all kinds of technology. We love to combine the power of personal computing with unique visualization methods and interfaces. Vertical Horizon is an independent, Belgium based startup company. Other Vertical Horizon products are Calendar Converter, Concept Clock, Cyou and Myblood-line.

What's new in Lightfield Iris

Version 1.2.1:
  • You can select the compatibility with Lytro Desktop v3.x or v4.x. (no Lytro Illum support yet)

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