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27 December 2013

Create multilayered audio loops.


Dicompla is for creating multilayer audio loops/parts and joining parts to form a song/playlist.


  • Add an audio file, set a position where to start and duration how long to play.
  • Adjust tempo, rate, reverse, panning and equalizers.
  • Add other audio files to play simultaneously (multiple layers).
  • Apply effects to individual layers or to parts or to all main output.
  • Adjust effect parameters to change dynamically during playback with timeline point editor.
  • Create multiple parts to form a playlist/song from the loops.
  • Repeat all/repeat one modes.
  • Rendering/export to audio files with options (render all, single part, layers as separate files).
  • BPM synced part lengths and navigation, auto BPM detect, waveform grid views/snapping.
  • Includes additional players C,D,E.
  • Recording line-in/microphone or the additional players C,D,E.
  • Three instances available. (A,B,C)
  • Headphone output option.
Supported file formats: MP3, WAV, AIFF, AAC (on Windows requires Quicktime).

What's new in Dicompla

  • Multiband limiter EQ with effects and customizable parameters, available for main output and for the comps for mastering.
  • New effect type 'EQ Big Pa' which is same as 'EQ Big' but it instead has three param EQs instead of the low/high shelves.
  • Compile layers: lock dynamically adjusted effect parameter points during change of part length.
  • Compile layers: fixed part becoming disabled after another part was removed.
  • Compile layers: new effect selection 'File' which applies the effects to all instances of that file in different parts, usable for equalizing the same file in one place.

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