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02 August 2013

Create text and freehand annotations for InDesign files.


PowerNotes is a plugin for Adobe InDesign that allows you to perform complex instructions on a document. You will be able to create these instructions combining text and freehand drawings in a special layer whose elements can only be seen in the context of Adobe InDesign.

Using PowerNotes you no longer need to coordinate with other people. The need to explain complex things or accompany InDesign work with lots of prints or other files disappears. Imagine simply make the indication and send the document via email. You will be free for the next job immediately and definitively. You can leave before home. Or stay in it.

PowerNotes enables a new tool in the tool palette. You can select the pencil to make freehand drawings, the text tool to make annotations, or the pointer to select, resize or move these elements. A new menu allows you to display or hide the layer where these elements reside. And a new palette allows you to modify the properties of any element, and see who is the author of a particular element, or the date and time it was created.

The palette allows us to define frame and background colors for all elements -including text- and transparency level. Each user can choose their own group of colors so that others recognize their origin to the first.

To use PowerNotes each user must choose a username and password. Each user owns their indications. No one else can alter them.

PowerNotes is designed to solve the problems of coordination, delays and misunderstandings between publishers and authors, editors, layout artists, writers and any operator who must work in a set of documents common to the group, through the workflow.

Kill loops and delays thanks to electronic indications of PowerNotes.

Note: The 'Download' link yields the plug-in for InDesign CS6. The link for the plug-in for InDesign CS5.5 can be found in 'Related Links' below.

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