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24 November 2001

Logs the application you use and their length of use.


AppWatcher is a simple utility that watches and records which applications are being used, and for how long each is used.

For example; if you are using PhotoShop to retouch or create an image, AppTracker will tell you in Hours and Minutes how long PhotoShop has been the active process during that day. It will also record what time intervals within that day the application was active (in the foreground actually being used as opposed to open). This information can also be exported to any spreadsheet program, e.g. Microsoft Excel to create a chart for analysis.

What's new in AppTracker

Version 3.0.1 adds the following:
  • Carbonized for OS X. The Installer is Hybrid to allow it to be used on OS 8.x, 9.x and OS X.
  • Open log files from local and remote computers
  • Sort log display either alphapetically or by date
  • Keeps track of your billable time

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