Building The Great Wall of China

1.0 09 Jun 2013

Construct the Great Wall of China in this time-management game.


Developer website: Nordcurrent

Embark on an epic journey across the Chinese Empire and take charge of building the greatest structure known to mankind - The Great Wall of China - in Building The Great Wall of China, the addictive time management game.

The Chinese Empire is in grave danger as the Nomads from the North threaten the wealth and prosperity of its lands. Kong Baotu, a smart and resourceful man, accepts the challenge to achieve the impossible. He commits himself to building the Great Wall that will protect China from the warlike barbarians. In return, he asks for permission to marry the Emperor's beautiful daughter, Fan Tanrui. Join Kong in his epic adventure! Help him save the Empire and marry Fan. Your journey will take you to the farthest reaches of China, through the emerald-green hills and treacherous rocky cliffs. In more than 40 levels, you will conquer the snowy mountain-peaks and cross the withering deserts. You will gather food and lumber, mine stone and iron, survive hurricanes and thunderstorms, all for the noble goal of completing the greatest building in the history of mankind ��" The Great Wall of China.


  • Build the Great Wall of China
  • 40 levels in 4 unique locations
  • Dynamic and fast-paced gameplay
  • Multitude of upgradable structures
  • A vast variety of resources and power-ups
  • Gorgeous graphics
  • Exciting mini-games
Collector's Edition Extras:
  • Exciting bonus levels!
  • Gorgeous wallpapers!
  • Fantastic new mini-games!


OS X 10.6.8 or later


Current Version (1.x)


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Games / Strategy and War
09 Jun 2013
OS X / Intel 32