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iProtectMac is a simple, secure way to protect and restore all the data resident on your Mac from anywhere on the planet for as little as $1.00 per month.

Protected... all the time. Automatically creates an encrypted copy of each and every file on your MacBook, iMac or MacPro, and easily handles the complete transfer to and restoration from the cloud.

Secure. Always encrypted, whether in transit or at rest in the cloud.

Set and Forget. Continuous backup of all your data on Mac.

What's New
Version 4.1:
  • Granular Restore Feature

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iProtectMac User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 4.x:
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Abrego000 reviewed on 03 Feb 2014
Finding a safe place for my data for decades to come is an interesting thought, and I gave it quite a bit of thought ...

Moving my files from point a to point b easily, and storing them offsite at as low a cost as possible is very important to me.

I want to feel comfortable to archive (for the long haul) the stuff I can't afford to ever lose (marriage license, copies of birth certificates, family photos, tax records/docs, ...).

Nothing more is really needed. Just get it from a to b, and store it in b for safekeeping.

I think Antoine de Saint-Exupery said something like "perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away." That's my philosophy as well, and seems like this app's philosophy too. Real simple is good.

I'm using iProtectMac to send copies of all my important local docs/files to the cloud. And with Amazon's Glacier pricing, I'm doing it for basically peanuts.

I real like that this app uses Amazon’s Web Services on-demand cloud storage - they have data centers all over the world from Brazil to China. I'm pretty sure they will be there in the future, since they're doing about $6+ billion in sales, and are valued at something crazy like $19 billion.

It's comforting to know that all my super important personal stuff will be there when (or if) I ever need to access it. So kind of forever ...

I like it.
[Version 4.1]

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Samantha2000 replied on 02 Mar 2014
I agree with you.

Think about all the data that we sequentially store or write to disk but rarely access or read ever again.

Increasingly it is going to be all about providing really, really long-term cold storage of data at the best price.

As a result there will be tremendous ongoing demands for developing and maintaining an object storage system with the highest levels of availability and archival capacity at the lowest price point.

Amazon Web Services’s Glacier cold storage is designed as a commodity bulk archive for data.

This is all most people will really need for storing the vast majority of their data.

And one penny per gigabyte is the current cost for cold storage of your files on this cloud data repository.

Can you imagine how much data you will generate in your lifetime?

Every two days, mankind creates something crazy like as much information as it did from the dawn of civilization until 2003.

So at the end of the day it will clearly be all about scalability and elasticity, allowing individuals or companies to store as much, or as little data, as they need.

That scalability is made possible by object storage.

Object storage has no limits.

It can scale near indefinitely.

Amazon Web Services has over two trillion objects within its storage cloud object store - and growing rapidly.

It will be interesting to see how their cold storage value proposition continues to evolve as they leverage further the economies of scale provided from their massive object store cloud infrastructure.

Hopefully to everyone's long term benefit.


Abrego000 replied on 18 Mar 2014
It is amazing how much digital content and data we all create these days.

Even my mom with her iPhone or digital camera creates gigabytes of photos of the grandkids every day – and she does not want to loose them.

Was it Moore’s law that said that everything doubles every two years – including storage?

It also seems like there’s an inverse effect going on with the cost of storage – it’s rapidly decreasing.

This is good – storage requirements exponentially increasing, storage costs exponentially decreasing.

I saw that Google Drive got something like a 60% - 80% price decrease the other day. I can see everyone else following suit, and < 1 cent per gigabyte per month is on the horizon.

What’s going to change in the near future is that storage is a true commodity – nearly free and accessible from anywhere.

I like products like iProtectMac, since they take the Apple Time Machine concept of no touch backup and embrace the notion of embracing the cloud for storage.

My storage automatically expands as I need more storage. I don’t have to manage my storage. I can access my storage – and more importantly my Mac and all my files are protected – where ever I happen to be.

I think the next step is how do I find anything – how do I get visibility into my data – and how do I retrieve it. If I’ve got 1000’s of photos and I’m looking for one particular photo from 5 years ago of my kid’s 5th birthday, how do I find it?

You kind of see it with solutions like Drop Box and Google Drive. It’s no longer about backup – it’s about applications that have the data protection built into the solution.

I like where this is headed – and my mom should be happy too :)
Warlord11 replied on 30 Mar 2014
These are clearly the early days of a transformational shift.

Cloud compute and storage pricing reductions will drive commoditization further.

Call it what you will, Moore's Law perhaps, but the battle lines between AWS and Google have been drawn.

It will be interesting to see who is left standing 20+ years from now.

No doubt the smaller players who do not have the ability to achieve massive scale across their data center infrastructure will become a distant memory.

It's all about scale and reach.

And very deep pockets to play this game.


StuartT3313 reviewed on 12 Jan 2014
I like this app because I only pay for the storage I use. I've got about 40gb of stuff I want to keep safe. If my math is right, that's less than 40 cents a month, which is nothing! I plan to use this on my mom's Mac so she has a backup of the kids photos. Seems like set and forget - so just up her alley :)
[Version 4.1]



GiovannaA1371 reviewed on 08 Jan 2014
Mi piace questo prodotto, molto interessante. Ora posso anche non preoccuparmi più di tutti i dati presenti sul mio Macbook, perchè sono salvati automaticamente sul Cloud di Amazon. E' come avere un deposito sicuro in cielo. Inoltre cripta tutto, questa è una cosa davvero positiva. Ed archiviare i miei dati è davvero super economico, il mio ultimo conto è stato di soli 2 € per tutto il mese.
[Version 4.1]



kauai58 reviewed on 07 Jan 2014
I've been looking for something that backs up all our Macbooks to some sort of cloud storage - I think I found it. So far no complaints with this App. The 1st backup was not zippy (I'm using home network/cable modem), but I guess that's the price you pay for cloud backup.

I like the fact that I can choose different storage options based on my data needs.
[Version 4.1]



biglouie35 reviewed on 04 Jan 2014
Like Apple, some companies do not wish to disclose or comment on relationships that they may or may not have with third parties in light of confidentiality and other agreement covenants that may be present.

"Apple's obsession with secrecy is the stuff of legend in Silicon Valley. Over the years, it has fired executives over leaks and sued bloggers to stop trade secrets from being exposed." - http://www.reuters.com/article/2010/02/17/us-apple-asia-secrecy-idUSTRE61G3XA20100217

Living in harmony with others is a preferred path for most companies but when unjustly provoked some have been known to show little tolerance for slanderous remarks and are willing to address them from time to time in a different forum and space which sometimes can lead to unfortunate outcomes for non-prevailing parties.

Similar UIs - so what. It's the best cloud backup value in the marketplace for Mac users worldwide.
[Version 4.1]


tno commented on 29 Dec 2013
Has anyone compared this iProtect to the Arq backup app?
[Version 4.1]

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MacUpdate---Ryan replied on 02 Jan 2014
Xe89, do you have any evidence to support that?

Chinagirl replied on 05 Jan 2014
Ryan asked you Xe89 for "evidence" to support your malicious and baseless claim of theft of design and code not if the interfaces are similar. Notwithstanding your probably illegal comment.

Be advised Xe89, in 2006 a Florida court awarded a plaintiff $11.3 million dollars when the defendant posted numerous comments on message boards defaming the plaintiff and her business reputation.

- See more at: http://defamation.laws.com/defamation-laws/libel-vs-slander#sthash.zLWMCz9Y.dpuf

Here is the legal definition of libel:


Adrian-Chapman replied on 05 Jan 2014
I have run the demos for both applications and apart from the names of the various components they are identical in every other respect. Quite what arrangements the author of Arq may have come to with the publisher of iProtectmac, if any, I have no idea, but it would be interesting to know. I wonder if the authors would care to comment here.

tno replied on 22 Jan 2014
There has been some back-n-forth... Anything conclusive come about? Is this a private label version of Arq? I contacted developers and didn't receive a reply from either.

I bought the special. I hope I didn't buy into an app that'll get orphaned.

Anyway, how is iProtect working out for users?

Adrian-Chapman replied on 23 Jan 2014
While delving into iProtectmac I did discover that the help file folder was called Arq.

tno replied on 23 Jan 2014

Huh? What are you attempting to say? (I'm guessing you are being sarcastic, but...?)


Denzman reviewed on 28 Dec 2013
I tried that App and I like it. It also does some kind of de-duplication as it doesn't upload files again which are already taken into the backup. What I miss is a search functionality as I guess it will become hard to do a single file restore when there are thousands of files in the backup.
[Version 4.1]



iTony reviewed on 31 May 2013
I use Time Machine consistently, well okay as often as I can remember, and ship my data to an external g drive mini. This app gives me the offsite protection piece that I was missing. Restore step is pretty easy. The price is definitely right way less than the other guys. So far so good.
[Version 3.1]

There are currently no troubleshooting comments. If you are experiencing a problem with this app, please post a comment.


Abrego000 rated on 03 Feb 2014

[Version 4.1]

Gm77 rated on 01 Jan 2014

[Version 4.1]

Version Downloads:9,957
Type:Utilities : Backup
Date:25 Jun 2013
Platform:Intel 64 / Intel 32 / OS X
Price: $15.00
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iProtectMac is a simple, secure way to protect and restore all the data resident on your Mac from anywhere on the planet for as little as $1.00 per month.

Protected... all the time. Automatically creates an encrypted copy of each and every file on your MacBook, iMac or MacPro, and easily handles the complete transfer to and restoration from the cloud.

Secure. Always encrypted, whether in transit or at rest in the cloud.

Set and Forget. Continuous backup of all your data on Mac.

Massive scale. Store and retrieve any amount of data.

Goodness. Pay for only what you consume.

Peace of mind. Global cloud storage destinations are provided by Amazon Web Services.

Best Value. Subscription license fee is just $15 per year. Plus, pay one low price per gigabyte for the storage option you choose.

"It's the best life insurance for all your information on Mac."

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