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Web Kiosk

15 May 2013

Turn your Mac into a standalone kiosk.


Web Kiosk turns any Mac with an internet connection into a standalone Kiosk. Preferences allow you to quickly change the page that should load when starting Web Kiosk.

Starting Web Kiosk is as easy as launching the application and pressing your chosen combination of modifier and hot keys to launch full screen mode.

Once in full screen mode, the only way to exit is by pressing the same key combination again. You also have the ability to set a password to exit full screen mode.

Not only is this a great utility for businesses but for parents who want their children to have access to only a single site like dictionary.com, etc.. for doing homework. Or if you have a friend over that needs to use the internet but you don't want him using your computer, just set the default URL to google.com and launch full screen mode.

  • Password to Exit Full Screen Mode
  • Default URL when launching App
  • Disables Command + Q
  • Disables Force Quitting
  • Choose Key Combination for Entering / Exiting Kiosk Mode
  • Sandboxed

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App requirements: 
  • Intel 64
  • or later
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