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26 January 2013

Create twelve-tone music from an encrypted file.


CipherTune is Algorithmic Composition software that creates a twelve-tone music from an encrypted text or photograph. If you like you can send a CipherTune MIDI file by email, and it can be decrypted to the original text or photograph by cross-platform.

Sample CipherTune: Arrangement Sample, CipherTune MIDI was imported into Macintosh GarageBand:

Using only decryption is free. If you like to make an encrypted MIDI file, please make a donation.

  • Using cipher name is blowfish 256 bits.
  • Encrypted MIDI music file can be decrypted by compatible MacOS and Windows.
  • All Unicode text format languages can be encrypted.
  • Supported image formats are JPEG and PING. The author recommends JPEG for faster processing.
  • You cannot save a Unicode MIDI file name. Use alphabet and numbers. MIDI file must have ".mid" extension.
  • You cannot save a Unicode encrypted text file name. Use alphabet and numbers. MIDI file must have ".txt" extension.
  • A password must be 6 and over characters, and case-sensitive(CipherTune recognizes capital or lowercase letters).
  • A large photo and/or PING file take longer processing, under 280(W) x 280(H) pixels is a reasonable size. However you can use any sizes of image.
  • When you are processing CipherTune in the last some seconds, another application is active, you may lose the processing data.

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  • Intel 32
  • PPC 32
  • Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later
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