2.3 19 May 2014

Manage MIDI System Exclusive messages.


Developer website: Massimo Moiso

InerziaSysEx manages the MIDI System Exclusive messages and their creation.

InerziaSysEx not only can help you in treating the System Exclusives needed to program your synths in your musical recording and live sessions, but also it can guide you through their creation for some some specific synths, considering the checksum byte; so the work is very easy!

You will not have to remember every memory address to poke, for example, to set a different Reverb character or to transpose an instrument by a defined amount.

Important features:

  • List of the recorded SysEx messages; all can be edited through an Inspector that can be shown or hidden. This Inspector allows to give each message a title, a creation date and some rich text annotations.
  • Each SysEx can be assigned to a user defined 'Kind'.
  • Built-in assistant to easily create SysEx messages.
  • Support for different MIDI Device ID, with a default value, assigned in the preferences.
  • The supported creation procedure supports 2 of the most important synth brands; more brands and models will be inserted if requested.
  • The messages are shown in decimal or hexadecimal format, at user choice.
  • Completely customized messages can be built by the user and stored in InerziaSysEx.
  • A SysEx message content can be exported into other softwares by means of automated Copy/Paste.
  • A message can be locked to prevent accidental deletions.
  • Complete Undo support for destructive actions.
NOTE: this version of InerziaSysEx does not support direct interface with MIDI devices; a third party MIDI software is needed. The export can be made with automatic Copy/Paste.

What's New

Version 2.3:
  • A new kind filter is inserted to select objects not related to a Kind
  • New icons for the predefined Kind "All SysEx" and "No Kind"
  • The name of a new Kind is suffixed with a number to avoid conflicts
  • The loading of a large library has been greatly improved
  • Now it is possible to unlink a SysEx from a Kind, setting it to


  • OS X 10.6 or later


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19 May 2014
Intel 64 / OS X