Adobe Flash Builder

4.7 10 Dec 2012

Rapidly build applications using ActionScript and Flex.


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Adobe Flash Builder Premium software is an Eclipse based development tool for rapidly building standout mobile, web, and desktop applications using ActionScript and the open source Flex framework. Use professional testing tools to build higher performing applications.

What's New

Version 4.7:

Release features

  • AIR SDK 3.4 support for ActionScript workflows (AIR SDK 3.4 enables runtime features for AIR 3.4 and Flash Player 11.4)
  • Support for customizing launch configuration with ADT and ADL. See Customize ADL and ADT parameter values.
  • Support for Creating, managing, and debugging ActionScript workers. See Using ActionScript Workers.
  • Apple iOS on-device (USB) testing and debugging support. See Test and debug an application on an iOS device.
  • Apple iOS simulator testing and debugging support. See Test and debug an iOS application on a simulator.
  • Configuring multiple build targets for multiscreen projects. See Support for multiple build targets.
  • Support for Apache Flex SDK.For more information about downloading and using the Apache Flex SDK in Flash Builder, see
  • A next-generation faster compiler for ActionScript projects.
  • Organize Imports enhancements
  • Add missing imports
  • Consolidating imports at package level
  • For more information, see Organize imports statements.
New Quick Assists
  • Assign parameter to a new/existing field
  • Convert a local variable to parameter
  • Create new local variable with cast type
  • Add Else, Else-If, Finally, and Catch statements
  • Convert anonymous function to named function
  • Replace conditional statement with 'if-else' statement
  • For more information, see Quick Assist.
  • Real-time error highlighting using the new ActionScript compiler. See Live Error Highlighting in ActionScript projects.
  • Support for Adobe Scout (formerly codenamed Project "Monocle"). See Using Adobe Scout with Flash Builder.
  • Support for debugging and profiling ActionScript projects on Windows 8 using Flash Builder. For more information, see the following:
  • Debugging applications on Windows 8
  • Profiling applications on Windows 8
  • Troubleshooting Flash Builder workflows on Windows 8
  • Continued support for Flex SDK 4.6.23201, AIR, and Flash Player


  • OS X 10.6 or later
  • Java 1.6


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