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05 November 2012

iBackupCare: iPhone backup files explorer for Mac.


iBackupCare is an explorer for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch backup files on Mac. You can access all your contacts, SMS, calendar, notes, photos, videos, recordings, safari bookmarks, browse history and private data saved by each app.

iBackupCare also provides the best importing-to-Mac options for your data: contacts to Addressbook, events to Calendar, SMS as text and more.

All your iDevices' Backup Files, Better Organised

  • iBackupCare works for all your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch backup files.

Contacts & Call Log

  • You can select on to view details of that person: phone numbers, Email, address, etc. You can export all or just the selected contact to your local Addressbook, as vCard or as a plain text file. When exporting to Addressbook, you can choose to skip existing contact.
  • Call log (the recent 100 calls) can also be exported as a text file contains: whom you called, the date time and the duration.


  • SMS and messages you sent via the Messages app are classified into 3 categories: Inbox, Sent and Talk. The 'Talk' category contains message bubbles just as those ones on your iPhone.


  • Calendar comes with a list with all the events ordered by date. You can also switch to a monthly grid view (similar to Calendar app on iPhone).
  • All the events can be exported to the Calendar app on your Mac.

Photos, Videos & Recordings

  • Photos, videos and recordings can all be exported to your Mac. Photos are organised as thumbnails. Videos and recordings will play automatically when selected.


  • Notes are organised in a list with title & date. You can select one to view its content, export all as an html file.

Bookmarks & Browse History

  • You can view all the bookmarks or just the ones in a specific bookmark folder. Bookmarks and browse history can be exported as an html file with ready to click links.

App Data

  • You can find more about what each app will save - in the .plist file, sqlite database, etc.

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