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SQZSoft Secure Notes


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SQZSoft Secure Notes

23 September 2012

Personal note management database.


SQZSoft Secure Notes is a personal information management database. All notes information are encrypted by AES then stored to database. Features:
  • Add / Edit / Remove notes
  • Change whole database password
  • Export all notes to .txt file
How it works: 1. Get user password from login screen; 2. Calculate MD5 value of the password: MD5(password) 3. The database also have stored the MD5 value of real password; 4. Compare the calculated MD5 value and the MD5 value in database; 5. If correct, then calculate the SHA1 value of the password, this value will be the AES key; 6. Use the AES key to encypt / decrypt the notes data. So all notes data will be stored as encrypted data.

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