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Nova Golf Lite1.02

17 July 2012

Realistic golfing game.


Welcome to Nova Golf Lite, the finest golfing game on the Mac! A followup to the award winning game GL Golf, Nova Golf is sure to keep you entertained and immersed for countless hours. Redesigned from the ground up, Nova Golf has everything both casual/hardcore gamers and frequent/weekend golfers could want.
  • Realistic ball physics - Everyone will enjoy the simple realism while avid golfers will be able to shape every shot and watch the ball react to all surfaces and lies
  • Stunning 3D graphics - Nova Golf adapts to each computer for the best image quality while always maintaining a smooth framerate
  • Unique courses - Locations from around the world feature distinct styles of both play and appearance. You'll know if you're in the Pennsylvania forest, Arizona desert, or on the Scottish coastline
  • Customizable characters - Level up five playing statistics while managing each avatar's wardrobe and physical appearance
  • Career mode - Play as both an amateur and professional and progress by winning the required qualifiers and tournaments
  • Purchase custom clubs and golf balls using both virtual currency earned in game and through In-App Purchase
  • High replay value - No hole is the same when varying the white/blue/green tees, five pin locations, and three environmental difficulty settings
  • Custom music made specifically for Nova Golf
  • Best rounds list for each course/difficulty setting

What's new in Nova Golf Lite

Version 1.02:
  • Female Golfer Option
  • Half power shot option inside 50 yards
  • Fixed putter distance control issues, especially around the fringe and with low terrain quality settings
  • Increased quality of Low/Medium terrain settings
  • Fixed crashing when changing Music preference
  • Fixed unfair greens/pins on Nova Links hole 2-3
  • Improved power bars
  • Larger gameplay text
  • Total score on scorecard always adds up correctly
  • Wind effects the ball 40% more
  • More draw/fade with irons/wedges
  • Removed blades of grass from the green
  • Pin shows up on minimap
  • Ball path preview now ends up the same size as the white landing zone
  • Ball preview gets more opaque as accuracy stat is leveled up
  • Fixed a bug where mulligans could improperly be used as the ball is sinking in water
  • Requires iOS 5.0 to fix certain rendering bugs
  • Fixed links to other nuclear nova games

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