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GoDocs 3.1

25 June 2012

Ultimate solution for Google Drive.


With GoDocs for Google Drive, you can:
  • View Documents: With most common document formats support you can read and view all your documents on-the-go, with the ease and speed of iPhone or iPad.
  • Download for Offline: Download any document and you will be able to read it without any Wi-Fi or Internet connection.
  • Edit Documents Online: Full support of Google Docs document editing lets you edit your documents whenever you are, just with few taps.
  • Share Documents: Share your monthly balance with your boss or pdf page with designer. Just add them to your share list.With GoDocs for Google Drive, you can:
  • Professional PDF Viewer: GoDocs has an enterprise standard PDF Viewer built-in. PDF files, even large, load amazingly fast. You are also able to open pdf links, go to specific page and even read in two dimensions.
  • Search for documents: Lost documents found easy with name search - the ability to search for any document and find them fast.
  • Search Document Contents: With document contents search there is no more hassle in finding that specific paragraph, you were looking for.
  • Create new documents and folders: GoDocs allows you to create new documents, spreadsheets and folders from within the application.
  • Organize documents in collections: With GoDocs, you can make a convenient structure for your documents, moving files into folders.
  • Push Notifications: With our Push Notifications service you will receive push notification when a new document has been shared with you or when a shared document has been changed by someone else.
  • Manage and view revisions: Viewing separate revisions, ability to open them in other applications, send revisions by email or print specific revision.
  • Multiple accounts: Do you need to use 2 or 3 or may be 5 google accounts? It's so easy - just add them.
  • Google Drive(TM) Support: GoDocs is the first application on the App Store, that fully supports Google Drive(TM).

What's new in GoDocs

Version 3.1:


  • New interface for Sharing
  • Public Sharing
  • Sharing with Google Groups
  • Sharing with Google Apps Domains
  • Enhanced AddressBook integration
  • Inline editing for sharing
  • Improved PDF rendering speed
  • Increased PDF Maximum Zoom limit
General Changes:
  • New layout for Quick Access Menu
  • New gallery upload with batch select
  • User Experience improvements
  • Russian Localization
  • Fixed bug with endless sync on sharing
  • Improved syncing speed
  • Fixed crashes happened for some users
  • Minor bugfixes

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