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15 July 2012

Create your own photo filters.


IFX-Supreme ... Create, apply and share filters and effects for your images and photos.

Using IFX-Supreme you can create filters and effects for your images from basic building blocks, called nodes. Nodes can contain various settings and can be freely connected or disconnected to each other, allowing a large array of possible filters and effects. Graphs created from these nodes (called templates) can be uploaded and shared with other users, ensuring that the community creates more and more available templates.


  • IFX-Supreme comes with a large amount of nodes which can be built into a node graph in many different ways, producing different kinds of filters and effects.
  • A large amount of existing templates for filters and effects can be downloaded from within IFX-Supreme.
  • The included image browser makes it easy to test the filters and effects on your images.
  • Any number of filters and effects can be grouped and saved together in a project.
  • Opacity and blend mode for each effect and filter can be adjusted on the fly, making IFX-Supreme an effective and easy to use effects mixer.
  • Individual effects and filters can be enabled and disabled.
  • A key-frame based timeline allows you to animate the parameters of projects and nodes and save these animations as picture sequences.
  • Real-time preview for any changes to parameters or nodes.
  • Import and export of many external image formats.
  • PaintSupreme v1.2, available in August, will support IFX-Supreme filters and effects

Requirements for IFX-Supreme

  • Intel 64
  • Intel 32
  • Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later

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