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15 August 2005

Workgroup information management tool.


REALmaker X is a workgroup information management tool, which allows you to quickly create solutions matching your business needs. With an easy to use interface, REALmaker X is a must have application for anyone who needs to track and manage people, projects, and information.

REALmaker X is 100% compatible with REALbasic database, which allows you to quickly create databases which you can use in your REALBasic projects. REALmaker X gives you more tools to simplify your work.

What's new in REALMaker X

Version B3:
  • Reference menu now work again in stored procedure editor.
  • Properties window now apply value when field lost focus.
  • Now you can pass long string to input value in store procedure with out get an error.
  • Help file now show example.
  • Add auto indent code in form editor.
  • Add tow new class in form builder. Menu Class, An individual menu and MenuItem Class, add an individual menu item to an Menu. For more information and example, see Menu Class and MenuItem Class under Help Menu in REALmaker X or see "Invoice Form" in "Examples & Docs/Invoice Demo.rdb" for a example of this tow new class.
  • Add System Class in form builder. The properties of a System object are used to get information about the user's computer. See Class System for more information and example.
  • REALmaker X remember the last view used in database.
  • Add new method Listbox.EditCell(Row As Integer, Column As Integer,X As Integer, Y As Integer)
  • The user has clicked on the Row, Column cell. The parameters X and Y are the x and y coordinates of the mouse click relative to the top-left corner of the cell that was clicked.
  • Add new event Listbox.CellClick(Row As Integer, Column As Integer)
  • Scrolls the Row, Column cell into view (if necessary) and temporarily makes the cell editable. It sets the focus within the ListBox to the Row, Column cell. See the CellGotFocus event. The editable cell has a focus ring around it.
  • Add new Stored Procedure example. See "Examples & Docs/Images Browser/Insert image with stored procedure Example.rb"
  • Update Stored Procedure to 3.5
  • Add 4 new methods in Stored Procedure.

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