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29 June 2012

Organize and store your sensitive data.


Be Safe ... My partner, responsible for the marketing and commercial rights owner, decided two years later to stop the marketing of Be_Safe 2 in favor of another product. I was bound to the terms of the contract and was not able to continue the development. This contract ended by the end of the year 2010, leaving Be Safe 2 missing about 10 years of development. I decided that Be Safe was to old to continue development.

In the year 2012, by the end of Apple's service, sphere corner has gone out of business. To support all existing customers I decided to remove all anti-piracy technologies from existing products and to make free versions available.

During this action I took a further look at Be Safe, my first product. The product was old and many instructions were not compatible with the actual system 10.7. Nevertheless, I invested much time into the modification of Be Safe. Most parts are now running flawless, but I had to abandon entire modules like Update Check, Import and Export functionality, Single Lists and so on. Finally I offers the product of my heart for free. It may be a nostalgic experience for the thousands of customers who used this product and who knows, perhaps new users may be attracted by it.

The possibilities to create a modern version are actually investigated, and maybe a version with a clean 10.8 Interface may come soon. Look for it.

What Be Safe is not!

Be Safe can't open any old files from Be Safe 1 or 2. It uses a completely new rock solid SQL database. I don't think Be Safe is a killer app, it's just what it is. For me it is more of a study. Nearly 30% of the code has been modified or rewritten to run on OS X Lion 10.7. Another 30% are in the works to transform the ugly OS 9 Interface into a stylish OS X. I think it will later be a stylish app. Later the internal code will be optimized. It will be a great experience for me to apply 10 years of knowledge on my old code. This will be my biggest challenge.

And you? You get it for free. Use it or trash it, whatever you want.

What's new in Be Safe

Version 3.0.0:
  • Reloaded Edition from the year 2000

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