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18 June 2012

Standalone Lasso IDE.


LassoLab is an open source tool that brings a whole new dynamic to Lasso code development. Based on the ever popular Eclipse with an expanded and enhanced toolset to leverage the benefits of Lasso for every level of user including:
  • Simple file exploring
  • Outline viewing
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Refactoring
  • Code generation
  • Coding assistance
  • Find Problems Instantly with detailed on-the-fly debugging

Easy to Use:

  • Easy reference with integrated Lasso Reference and TagSwap
  • Find Syntax and Examples
  • Share Your Code
  • Connect with other Lassoers with integrated LassoTalk
  • LassoLab is Open-Source
  • Build your own Plugins
  • Leverage the world of the Eclipse platform
  • Existing-Plugin-Friendly
  • Support available

    *Included Free

    • Lasso Projects
    • Lasso Files
    • Debugging
    • Install 3rd Party Software
    • Online Updating: Built in Automatic Updates - just use the 'check for updates' from time to time

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