Video Converter Ultimate
Video Converter Ultimate


Video Converter Ultimate free download for Mac

Video Converter Ultimate
09 October 2019

Convert video files to multiple formats.


Video Converter Ultimate eliminates compatibility issues by supporting a number of formats in a single solution.

  • Convert 6X faster than ever before!
  • Convert video to virtually any format
  • Burn videos to DVD disc, DVD folder, or to ISO files with ease
  • Rip DVD to any video/audio format
  • Download and capture Web videos

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What's new in Video Converter Ultimate


Note: Ready for macOS 10.15 Catalina

  • Newly supported converting multiple subtitles and audios from mkv/ts to mp4 or mov
  • Newly supported exporting subtitles from mkv, ts files
  • Newly supported switching subtitle's when playing videos
  • Fixed some bugs

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18 September 2012

Most helpful

Seems to work, to some extent. The correct question to ask yourself : Is this offering some features set that is not available in other comparable converting apps? Answer: no. In fact it comes short in many encoding needs. And the price: Yes, it is way to expensive for a feature-less converter. Absolutely no bargain! Unless you have too much money to spend. I can highly recommend using Handbrake. A free alternative that works 100%
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Version 1.6.1
19 October 2019
With the version, the toolbox to repair the metadata of a movie doesn't work anymore.
19 July 2017
Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate version is out, why isn't it listed here? It's terribly confusing, however, and I'm still using v5.73.
Version 5.7.3
01 June 2017
Just downloaded Wondershare. Simple to install and looks very uncomplicated. Conversion worked but audio and video are violently out of sync. Tried output to AVI and also MP4. It seems the video is converting at a much slower rate than the audio resulting in the non-sync. The audio finishes 8-10 seconds before the video on a one-and-a-half minute clip. What am I doing wrong? I used to convert video with a free web-based application called Acethinker Video Converter, never had that problem.
Version 5.7.3
1 answer(s)
18 July 2017
1. Preferences are totally scrambled
2. Saving to iTunes crashes iTunes
3. Current version 5.x?
OS 10.12.5
Hope I can find a previous version, that will work...
09 December 2016
Shanzai ffmpeg. Do not use.
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Version 5.7.1
Wondershare could also give information about installing a ”Wondershare Compact” into the User directory silently. A app that does nothing for the application (except calling home on computer usage and launching services). If deleted, it will install itself again (the binary is inside the .app bundle). Also, it will install ”MediaKIT” into the User Library silently. That one will be activated when using the ”Download Video” functionality is used and install browser extensions (that are using pretty bad practises). Also it is dynamically linked to the Main binary. So if you remove it or change the permissions, the main app will not launch. Furthermore, upon start, it will spawn XPC Services (dynamically linked to the Media importer) from within the app bundle that has a rpath vulnerability (and will also fill your console/logs with tons of errors. Most common is: ”wondershare-video*something/XPCWiFi…tried to hijack…<insert some OS X function> ). Disabling this will also result in that the main app will not launch or will cause a writing so much errors that your computer will get slower and slower. So. Wondershare. Don't use vunerable Services, don't install stuff in outside the App bundle, specially stuff that is not needed for the main App, or could be an option if user chooses to use Browser extensions or the Media Downloader (however, on most of the blacklists i seen, your browser extensions is blocked or flagged). Also INFORM users that you are installing and launching things that the users don't know about. And how to uninstall them if the user want's to. Using uninstallers would only find some of the stuff. And following the ”directions” for uninstalling on your site is only the half of it. There are lot's of more files around the users library that comes from you. Some will even launch even if your application(s) is removed and sending data back you.
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Version 5.2.1
03 October 2015
I have found this video utility quite helpful when transcoding to various video formats. It is also very helpful for pulling a clip from a longer source. I don't believe it has ever crashed. I have used it on both OS X 10.8 and 10.9 for more than 1 year, at the time of this writing.
Version 5.1.3
14 November 2014
I download this converter and tried it! It is good and really do what it said! Although it is good, it is so expensive to me. So I tried the similar software called Total Video Converter which price is $14.99,more reasonable. Total Video Converter is also very powerful and full-featured. I bought it from App Store using $14.99. But it can not burn DVD. So i contact its support team, they told me the app in App Store can not burn DVD becaues of Apple's sandbox. And they told me that I can download the full version from their website ( without extra cost! The support team is so nice!
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Version 4.4.2
2 answer(s)
15 February 2015
Total Video Converter is from the ”same” company and is identical to Video Converter Ultimate except for the colours of the UI and the branding. However, it's developed and selled by the same company in the end.
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02 December 2016
ChristopherAnderton: Elva 123 is a sock puppet, so I'm guessing he knows that. ;)
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24 July 2014
This app is another one from the group that includes Aimersoft and iSkysoft. I actually own Aimersoft's "Aimersoft Video Converter" and iSkysoft's "iSkysoft iTube Studio" and have found them both to be excellent apps. Notably, the iTube Studio app is frequently updated to support users who need to contend with YouTube's constantly changing API's. I think this company (conglomerate?) suffers from being Chinese and having no knowledge of western marketing practices whatsoever. Additionally, there are a variety of unscrupulous companies operating in this space, one of which is the infamous "XMac..." video utility vendor--they make software that simply does nothing at all. No harm. No malware. No spam. They just take your money and you get a program with a nice icon that doesn't do anything. They even made it onto MacUpdate before being discovered and pulled by Micah and crew. Anyway, always be careful but these folks have acquired a reputation in some quarters that does not reflect the good quality of their products. Perhaps they will hire a westerner to sort things out and improve their reputation.
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Version 3.7.1
21 December 2013
It's up to 3.71 now.
Version 3.5.1
26 September 2013
all video conversion the best
Version 3.5.1