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28 May 2012

Simple, translucent, floating digital clock.


Persistachron is a simple translucent digital clock which floats over most windows of most other applications. It displays hours, minutes, and seconds. It is small so it won't often get in the way, though it can be hidden or quit in the usual manner of applications when it is not needed.

Advantages over using just the menu-bar clock:

  • Easier to see.
  • May still be there when the menu bar is hidden by applications that take over the whole screen (this depends on the application, however).
  • Font, font size, and the color of the time can be adjusted.
  • Location of the time window (clock face) can be adjusted.
Some other details: There is no alarm in Persistachron. It is a simple clock. A donation (of any amount--no lower limit) is requested by a donation window, which can be dismissed at any time. If a donation key is entered in this window, it will not appear on subsequent re-launchings of Persistachron. Persistachron has a short help book to read, available from its Help menu, which includes easy instructions, contact information, and donation instructions. Persistachron takes up very little space on the hard drive (just a few kilobytes—not even megabytes).

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App requirements: 
  • Intel 64
  • Mac OS X 10.7.0 or later
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