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A-Bible Manna1.3.1

18 May 2012

Daily guide for reading the Bible.


A-Bible Manna is a Daily Guide for Reading the Bible. You can even add your own reading plan! Three Easy Steps with some options:
  1. Select a Reading Plan (Chronological, M'Cheyne, OT-NT, NT-Ps-Prov)
  2. Select a Version(s) (KJV, ASV, Japanese Kogoyaku 1955, Luther 1912, Finnish 1938)
  3. Select a Reading (Start any day up to today)
It has options and features described below that will help you read the Bible over the course of a year. It is not a Bible study program. If you want to search, copy/paste, link to Bible dictionaries and do in-depth analysis then this is not the tool for you. You should consider getting the "A-Bible" multilingual Bible study application. However, if you want help in reading the Bible using a plan, "A-Bible Manna" has some helpful features to fit your style.
  1. Select a reading plan: You can add your own plan or use one of the four plans included with 'Manna': Chronological - read through the progress of redemption; M'Cheyne's - a classic plan that includes OT & NT daily readings; OT-NT- a reading plan straight through from Genesis to Revelation. NT-Ps-Prov - NT 5 days then a weekend with Psalms and Proverbs.
  2. Select a version(s): You can choose a version from the popup menu at the top of the 'Text' field. You can view 2 versions simultaneously by choosing 'Version Layout' from the 'Settings' menu.
  3. Select a Reading: A-Bible Manna opens up to the last passage you read. You can set this to any day by clicking on the arrow buttons at the top of the window or moving the slider along the 'year scrollbar'. This means that if you get behind in your reading or read ahead, A-Bible will open to that location.
Options that include:
  • Starting Date
  • You can set this to any date up to today. Use the arrow buttons at the top of the window to move forward and backward one day or one month at a time. If you click on the date field it will enter today's date.
  • You can write notes in the 'Notes' field. These notes are connected with the reading for that day and for that plan. They are saved automatically whenever you change the reading, change the plan, or quit the program. They will be displayed whenever you open that day's reading.
  • You can set each version's font, size, style and color.
  • You can set the background and hilight color of the fields
  • You can set the layout of the text, Book name, chapter and verses

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