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Unreal Tournament UTilities2.6.1

22 May 2001

Three add-on tools.


Unreal Tournament UTilities has three tools that help enhance your Unreal Tournament game:
  • UTCacheCleaner: Cleans Unreal Tournamnet's Cache folder, by renaming and moving all the files. Maps go to the maps folder (and they're given the proper file type) while other files go to a new folder called Downloads.
  • UTMapInstaller: AppleScript droplet that accepts folders containing a map or skin and places them and their supporting files into the proper subfolder under the Unreal Tournament folder. It also changes the file and creator types to their appropriate values.
  • UTMapUninstaller: AppleScript droplet that uninstalls any map or skin that was installed with UTMapInstaller. It also uninstalls any supporting files for the map or skin.

What's new in Unreal Tournament UTilities

Version 4.6.1 adds the following:
  • Fixed a bug where Utilities didn't detect that it was in the Unreal Tournament folder
  • Added a few minor GUI tweaks
  • More features will be released soon.

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