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08 March 2001

Screensaver eliminates the potential for phosphor screen burn-in.


NOVA is a useful and reliable Screen Saver environment, designed to take up a minimum amount of RAM (less than major competitors at least) and work without the use of any nasty extensions that generally cause instability among the various Mac OS system software versions. NOVA provides three main services to the user: (1) eliminates the potential for phosphor screen burn-in, (2) provides security for your system, and (3) provides entertainment for yourself and those who work around you.

What's new in NOVA

Version 4.1 adds the following:
  • Any application can now be a NOVA 'saverlet'. Simply drop any application you want to be launched when the screensaver is supposed to kick in into the 'NOVA Saverlets Ÿ' folder, and it will launch it when appropriate if selected as the active module. However, these pseudo-saverlets will not conform to true NOVA saverlet specifications, and as such will not provide security and other saverlet-specific features.
  • Plugged security hole -- we now disable the hot-key application switching mechanism (if it is active) when a module launchers so you cannot switch out of the screensaver.
  • Fixed interoperability with other applications such as Drop Drawers - they will now hide their windows when a module is launched.
  • If modules are somehow put in the background (by Sherlock's disk indexing, for example), we now bring them to the front again.

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