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Drive Genius External Defrag


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Drive Genius External Defrag

06 April 2012

Defragment and optimize your external hard drives.


Drive Genius External Defrag lets you Defragment and Optimize your external hard drives, allowing for their fastest possible operation. Despite a common misconception, fragmentation does occur and Drive Genius is the most-trusted, most-awarded way to defrag your hard drives. This special App Store version lets you defrag all your external drives, ensuring their optimum performance.

There are two types of fragmentation that can occur on a hard drive:

  • Free Space Fragmentation
  • Data Fragmentation
Free Space Fragmentation:

This is a natural occurrence where the contiguous free space of a new drive becomes separated over time. As files are created, written, and deleted on the hard drive, there is less consecutive free space to write a complete file. The once large block of free space becomes fragmented into many smaller blocks of free space. This occurrence leads to data fragmentation because files have to be broken into multiple pieces to fit into the smaller free blocks. As the drive use nears capacity, both types of fragmentation become more pronounced.

Data Fragmentation:

As mentioned, data fragmentation occurs on a hard drive when there is not a block of free space large enough to contain the complete file. This causes the data to be split into separate pieces as it is written to the hard drive; which causes slower access time. When accessing the file, the hard drive has to search for each individual piece of data instead of accessing one large contiguous chunk. This affects all files, including system files and application files.

Mac OS X Defragmentation:

Mac OS X automatically minimizes the potential for fragmentation by writing new data to the largest available free space block; however, this optimization is dependent on external factors such as outstanding writes to the disk. Files can still be fragmented when they are opened multiple times even if a large enough block of free space exists to contain the complete file.

Mac OS X will automatically defragment files that meet the following conditions:

  • The file is less than 20 MB in size
  • The file has more than eight fragments
  • The file is not in use
If all of these conditions are met, the file is defragmented when it is opened for the first time. With all the restrictions, the number of files that are candidates for On-The-Fly defragmentation is relatively small. Almost all application and system files (because they are in use) and all large files like video, audio, raw photos, databases, etc. (because of their size) are excluded even though these files are more likely to benefit from defragmentation.

Drive Genius 3 Defragmentation: Drive Genius 3 addresses both free space and data fragmentation on a hard drive. The Defrag feature in Drive Genius 3 reorganizes the fragmented pieces of all files, no matter what their size or fragmentation level, and compacts their content into one contiguous block for optimal access times. In addition, Drive Genius reorganizes the files themselves so they exist in one contiguous block. By compacting the files, the free space is returned to one large block for the Operating System to write new files without data fragmentation.

Defragmenting your drives will lead to faster application launch, and faster access to your large media files, databases, and virtual machine images.

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