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26 October 2002

Calculator with customizable skins.


BetterCalc is designed to solve complex mathematical expressions, and handles parentheses and scientific functions with ease. BetterCalc allows expressions to contain comments, and features a panel which allows for the defining and redefining of numerical or expression variables. These variables can then be accessed in the expression through their text-based names. Changes to the variable values will instantly cause the total to update. BetterCalc also features a unique feature called Expression Shortcuts. These are user-defined shortcuts that correspond to numerical values or expressions, or even expressions containing other shortcuts.

What's new in BetterCalc

New in version 4.2:
  • The application has been rewritten, resulting in greater speed and improved stability.
  • Improved compatibility with Mac OS X version 10.2.
  • Improved interface.
  • The main window correctly remembers the status of the variable and scientific panels
  • Support for Services has been added.
  • Real-time resizing has been disabled to speed up the application on lower-end Macs.
  • Scientific functions, including trigonometric functions and logarithms.
  • The variables field can now be resized.
  • Shortcuts can now have long, descriptive names. Shortcuts can still be bound to special characters, but it is no longer mandatory, as they can also be accessed through the menu bar as well as a pop-up menu in the main window's tool panel.
  • Shortcuts can now be reordered in the Preferences window by Drag-And-Drop.
  • The font size can be set for buttons independently from the text field font setting.
  • Opening and closing the Preferences window no longer causes the main window's fields to reset.

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