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VEUS-SI Conversion Tool free download for Mac

VEUS-SI Conversion Tool1.0.13.3

19 March 2012

Measurement conversion tool.


VEUS-SI Conversion Tool will convert the following values:

  • mph to km/h
  • km/h to mph
  • Fahrenheit to Celcius
  • Celcius to Fahrenheit
  • MPG-US
  • MPG-UK
When inputting a value for anyone of the following Fuel Efficiency fields, all others will be calculated instantly:
  • Liters/100km
  • km/Liter
  • Wh/km
  • Wh/Mile
This tool will give you the following values of 17 different fuels and calculate fuel efficiencies with each change of fuel type:
  • BTU/Gal-US
  • BTU/Gal-UK
  • BTU/Liter
  • kWh/Gal-US
  • kWh/Gal-UK
  • kWh/Liter
Any time a new fuel type is chosen, this tool calculates all the fuel efficiency values for that fuel immediately.

This tool was especially designed to assist the metric & UK users of the 'Vehicle Energy Use Simulator' that is also featured here on MacUpdate.

What's new in VEUS-SI Conversion Tool

  • This version includes the ability to change Fuel Values and have the Fuel Efficiency values update automatically

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