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08 March 2012

Tag-based note-taking system.


Smarty is a unique note-taking application that uses tags to automatically organize your data. Add a note. Add some tags. Smarty takes care of the rest.

Most applications use one of two methods for application: tags or folders.

Tags (otherwise known as categories, labels, etc.) are great because you don't have to think much about organization. Just add the tags and forget it. Unfortunately, you're left with a flat structure. You can see all "gifts," or you can see all things about your "mom," but it's a little harder to see "gifts" for your "mom." The alternative is folders (otherwise known as lists), which allow you to organize your data however you want. Unfortunately, you can spend more time organizing your data than actually creating it. And, you're left with weird decisions like: do I put the "gifts" folder inside the "mom" folder, or do I put the "mom" folder inside the "gifts" folder?

What's new in Smarty!

Version 1.6.1:
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the import feature from working properly on multi tasking aware devices. This should be possible once again.
  • Fixed a major bug that that would cause the application to not connect notes with tags properly.

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