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iReadFast for Mac1.5

01 March 2012

Accelerated document reader.

What is iReadFast for Mac

With iReadFast you can read any document much faster. How it works:

  • Human brain can receive and process information at a speed much higher than the speed we can reach while reading.
  • While we are reading, our brain has to control the eyes to follow and keep focus on the text, moreover it has to continuously keep track of the point we reached. All these tasks mechanically limit our reading speed while our brain could go much faster.
iReadFast uses the RSVP (Rapid Serial Visual Presentation) method to display the document one word at a time (or a few words at a time) at adjustable speed. This method avoids the mechanical limitations of the normal reading and unleashes the power of our brain, permitting us to easily reach a higher reading speed without compromising the understanding. The RSVP method is also of some help to people affected by light dyslexia or similar problems.

What's new in iReadFast

Version 1.5:
  • Some interface improvements:
    • Resizable font! Use the pinch gesture to adjust the font size.
    • The library and settings buttons are now more visible, but they disappear while the text is playing to favor the concentration on the text (this is the first of more improvements planned to favor concentration).

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