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JSCalculator for Mac1.5

28 February 2012

JavaScript-based scientific calculator.

What is JSCalculator for Mac

JSCalculator is a scientific calculator app that provides editable formulas, storage of preferred formulas, and predefined constants of nature. This is not an imitation of a limited stand alone electronic calculator of old. This is a calculator that exploits the power of the device it is running on. It works slightly differently, but it allows for more flexibility. As an example, JSCalculator evaluates what you type without the need of hitting "=" or an enter key. In this calculator, the "=" key is for assigning values to variables, not for telling it to execute a calculation!

What's new in JSCalculator

Version 1.5:
  • Updated to the latest iOS
  • Made stored formulas easier to edit and manage
  • Added a space to store notes
  • Added a full list of the CODATA physical constants
  • Introduced preference settings for font-size and "ENG" notation
  • And introduced the ability to store predefined functions and constants for advanced users
  • Support for multiple device orientations

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