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Find the words to any song in any language.


Developer website: Tal Shrestha

Instalyrics lets you find the words to any song in any language, fast! Instalyrics gives you automatic, push-button search capabilities, bringing the lyrics, right to your Mac. This app has the highest lyrics-finding success rate on the App Store, period. Just click the Instalyrics icon and prepare to be amazed.

You love your music and tonight, you're just hanging around at home, listing to your favorite playlist on your Mac. Ah, there's that tune that brings back memories from high school. You loved that song but it still stings a little that your friends made fun of you when you sang the words wrong. Come to think of it, you still don't know the right ones.

Clicking the Instalyrics icon on your Mac's menu bar, you finally know what the real lyrics are for that song, after all these years! You can't wait to get together with your buddies again, just so you can redeem yourself.

With Instalyrics on your Mac computer, you have a powerful lyrics searching tool at your fingertips. Just click the icon conveniently located in your menu bar and boom! The app sets off to bring you the best matching lyrics on the internet.

Instalyrics has the highest success, period. You won't find another App with the capabilities that you get with this one. It quickly brings results from thousands of lyric websites to locate exactly what you're looking for. Nothing less will do. Go ahead and give it try, see if you can stump it with an old song that you're sure no one else has ever heard of. Bet Instalyrics can find it.

This app is perfect for those times that you're listening to iTunes or watching a music video on YouTube. Again, all you need do is click the icon while a song is playing and Safari will open and automatically take you to the site that has the lyrics for it. That's it, just one click.

When you skip to the next/previous track, if you've got the same Safari tab still open, Instalyrics will automatically search for the lyrics of the next track, without you having to touch a thing.

Not playing anything right now but still want some lyrics? No problem, just type in a title, artist, or the words you remember from the song and you'll instantly get what you're looking for.

Instalyrics also has an amazing power feature that you've likely never seen before. If you're playing a track on your Mac, tap Instalyrics on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and you'll get the lyrics right on your device (iPhone app sold separately).

Check out some of the features you get in Instalyrics:

  • Works with iTunes, YouTube, Spotify, GrooveShark, Rdio, Last.FM and Radium (when song name is available)
  • Easy to use interface
  • One click search to find the lyrics
  • Opens in Safari
  • Brings results from tens of thousands of lyric sites to locate your song lyrics
  • Will try to locate lyrics for any song in any language
  • Will find lyrics for any track that is currently playing
  • If no track is currently playing, you can do a lyric search without having to play the song saving precious time
  • Instalyrics for iPhone and Mac work together to allow you to find the lyrics to what's playing on the Mac

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  • OS X 10.7 or later


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