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Link Radar

04 September 2012

Reports inbound links based on Google Analytics data.


Link Radar helps you discover who is linking to your website/blog/products and what they are saying about you.

Link Radar reports new inbound links from other websites to your own site(s) based on your Google Analytics data. As soon as a website refers a visitor to you (and has never done so in the past) it will show up in Link Radar with the exact URL.

Link Radar is great for:

  • Knowing when somebody mentions your site in a blog post
  • Seeing when somebody reviews one of your products/apps and links to your site
  • Reaching out and engaging in the conversation
  • Static HTML websites with no trackback/pingbacks (e.g. Jekyll)

What's new in Link Radar

Version 1.0.3:
  • Solved: users with more than 10 web properties/profiles wold sometimes see an error ("user rate limit exceeded") when adding a new website.

Requirements for Link Radar

  • Intel 64
  • Mac OS X 10.7.0 or later

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