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Mobile Betterthanpin (BTP)1.0.3

21 February 2012

Two-factor authentication for Facebook.


Mobile BetterThanPin (BTP) is a two-factor authentication that is based onsomething you have (a BetterThanPin passcode) and something you know (yourFacebook password). This strong authentication provides protection for yourFacebook account against identity thefts, hackers and malicious software.

Simply type in your Facebook password followed by the six-digitBetterThanPin passcode generated by your iPhone to get the assurance of amore secured login with Mobile BetterThanPin.

Once installed, the BTP application requires no additional hardware ormaintenance, as it automatically updates your Facebook account with anew passcode daily.

If you suspect that your Facebook password has been stolen, or think thatsomeone may have gained access to your Facebook account, the "Sync-Now"feature enables you to clear your existing Facebook sessions, and protectyour Facebook account with a new BetterThanPin passcode.

What's new in Mobile Betterthanpin (BTP)

Version 1.0.3:
  • We have fixed the [Change Password] flow in response to the recent update of Please take a moment and update your review of BTP Mobile in the App Store to tell other users how BTP Mobile helps you in securing your Facebook Account.

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