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20 February 2012

A latest-generation algebraic calculator


iCalcline is a latest-generation algebra calculator for the iPhone and iPod touch for any tech or math enthusiast or simply anyone in need of an advanced math tool.

iCalcline puts in your pocket a powerful mathematical calculator

Is enough to insert a mathematical expression and iCalcline will immediately show the result.
iCalcline can solve equations with an unlimited number of nested parentheses and using up to 28 functions and operators

It manages a table with variables values, using the table values you can write equations as in 'y=x+1' with the 'x' value contained in the table and iCalcline will assign to 'y' the resulting value.

In case the y variable was not present when you typed 'y=x+1', a 'y' variable is created for you with a correct value assigned!
You can create, manipulate, delete and use how many variables you like inside the app tapping on the variable table.

iCalcline offers a wide range of functions:
sqrt, cbrt, sin, cos, tan, asin, acos, atan, sinh, cosh, tanh, asinh, acosh, atanh, log, log10, exp, exp2, expm1, abs, ceil, floor, power, elevation and factorial.
Manages any nested level of parentheses using the correct precedence
Check your expression syntax in advance signaling errors
Offers buttons for fast introduction of any literal values available in the tables (variables) and functions.
Can change on the fly calculation precision (up to 9 decimals thanks to use of long double calculation)
Manages unlimited numbers of variables you like in the table.
Uses decimal separator in accordance with your local settings

Input and variables are retained over run of iCalcline. When you relaunch it you will find the values you left in the app.

iCalcline can provide also a full log of executed calculations solved (optionally) step by step.

  • Evaluates mathematical expressions with parentheses, nested functions, variables and constants
  • Easy to use
  • The user simply inserts an expression and iCalcline displays the result
  • Variable creation and reference inside expressions are very easy using an interactive list.
  • Variables values are retained over different runs
  • Expressions solved optionally step by step showing all the mathematical passages in the log.
  • Uses a very small window, expandable if necessary to show additional details (switch with a simple click).
  • Based on a custom fast calculation engine developed by Tension Software and used also on Mac OS X in Calcline and TS Calc (available on the Mac App Store).
  • Uses long double calculation (High precision with up to 9 decimal digit precision)
  • Buttons for fast introduction of variables and functions
  • DEG and RAD calculation for trigonometric functions
  • Help included
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    21 February 2012
    Version: 1.0

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    This is MacUpdate or iPhoneUpdate? He?
    21 February 2012
    Version: 1.0
    This is MacUpdate or iPhoneUpdate? He?
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